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The nation understand home orders in the White House announcing the code nineteen could take as many as two hundred and forty thousand lives in the U. S. alone the trump administration is urging Americans they must take this seriously US Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams on ABC's Good Morning America that Americans need to listen to stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines we're looking at the next thirty days it's an opportunity for the entire country to really understand if we do the right things then we can flatten our curve in our own different areas president trump in the corona virus task force on Tuesday warning Americans the next few weeks could be very painful in the U. S. as the number of deaths from Kobe nineteen rises Karen Travers A. B. C. news Washington your governor Andrew Cuomo says a status still scrambling to get a hold of tens of thousands of ventilators that are badly needed and his staff were bidding against other states on eBay for the machines nationwide the army corps of engineers racing to build more than three hundred field hospitals Jerry Preston ABC news and we're back in Indiana were governor Holcomb assigned a series of executive orders during the pandemic including shutting down all non essential medical procedures and that includes according to him abortions A. B. C.'s Ryan burrow with that story Indiana governor Eric Holcomb says he needs all of the health care workers and health equipment available to battle covert nineteen I directed all health care facilities hospitals surgical centers veterinarians dental offices dermatologists yes abortion clinics to postpone or cancel all elective or non urgent procedures Planned Parenthood says it will follow the governor's order meanwhile judges have already blocked similar abortion bans in Texas Ohio and Alabama Ribeiro ABC news from our corona virus said to the I heart radio app and click on the podcast page your next news update is at ten thirty I'm will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS hired radio one it's to help with that chance and one thousand dollars texted nationwide key word family two two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest that family two two hundred two hundred well in a ride along ladies and gentlemen get you through a pandemic two thousand twenty hopefully we don't have a pandemic two thousand twenty one.

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