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Furloughed workers will still have their health care benefits it is the second major theme park in central Florida to announce mass furloughs following sea world last week all the news ninety six point five WTVM note continuing our team coverage over the last two weeks ten million Americans filed for first time unemployment benefits and for many of us in central Florida the process is frustrating the stimulus package will give jobless workers another six hundred dollars a week on top of state benefits up to four months in Florida the Max is still two seventy five a week the problem is the state website for filing took two and a half hours

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It is the announcing those

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Some scattered showers are possible overnight tonight

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Then a whole lot of rain along the coast in both Lucia and Brevard counties more Danish show next

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Another 2.1 million Americans filed for uneployment benefits

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The latest numbers say forty

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So but hurting businesses that

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So but hurting businesses that

Sean Hannity 5 hrs ago