Trump may be a lot more vulnerable than you think


The Anderson have so you're sitting in that room that close on I've never seen president trump like this and I think to some extent he is he is scared right now Anderson and we can all feel that the room people may not believe the present when he says any of this and I've been you and I've been you know pretty critical of him from time to time this was a different Donald Trump tonight I think he gets it Manderson so trump is scared folks trump is scared and that's good all yeah that's what you know what it's going to because now trump is not acting invincible trump is acting vulnerable trump is acting like he might be ready to admit that he's made a mistake here and there trump is scared and that means we can get trump and that means we can portray trump as somebody who's not invincible and all powerful at all confident in dealing with this John Harwood New York times P. M. S. N. B. C. C. N. B. C. everywhere he's been everywhere is I don't know why does a steady place because everywhere he tweeted about trump's pressure from last night this is the most effective job of communicating president trump is done during the crisis the most effective job that briefing last night because trump was scared because trump finally gets it because trump finally realizes he can't do anything about this because trump finally realizes that he is vulnerable trump realizes he can't beat trump and fix this the question though is why did the media behave better they did the media last night at least not the usual provocateur is more respect I could I was watching I said that can't be Jim Acosta Acosta was asking respectful actual reasonable and responsible questions I couldn't and he was not snarky and and disagreeing with me for the most part when trump would answer and trump was not calling them fake news what the hell is going on that just curious I don't have any I wasn't alarmed by and I was just curious what's going on here yeah I find out these guys today thank god it's because trump is scared trump finally realizes he's powerless trump realizes that there's nothing you can do trump realizes that all the bluster and all the pseudo confidence in going to matter a hill of beans trump doesn't know what's coming next that makes trump's repeal and now trump's a real guy now trumps trump's vulnerable trumps trump gettable they think trump is scared that means they think this has defeated trump is there anything trump has succumbed to the over all whatever this is that he no longer feels larger van corona virus or the issue or the effort to get the country passed and this excites them this makes them feel equal this makes them feel like they can get trump

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