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You can hear the cheering


You can hear the cheering and the captain crozier and listen I I wanna be very clear here I thank him for his service but you don't want stuff like this to leak you want this internally camp because you don't want our adversaries like the Chinese and the Russians you don't want to tip our hat for instance when we were hearing about the number effective infections on naval ships like why is that getting out that needs to be kept within the navy it needs to be acted upon because we can't let armed military adversaries know that we're under any pressure anyway listen to both of our military I'm sure it's fine and don't screw with us we will hammer back nobody should think of even taking any advantage of us during this time but I can understand where they should not have an email to twenty to thirty people this should have been very tightly capped and dealt with internally and there is a chain of command that's the bottom line here and crozier wrote the letter to navy leadership on Wednesday and initially they said that he would not be disciplined but you know he certainly should have followed chain of command now if you remember that up the acting navy secretary said that the door was open for discipline if it was proven the crozier at least the letter himself now we find out that he's been relieved so does that mean that they found out that he didn't like it we shall see but he's not fired from the navy he'll remain in the navy just relieved of his command all of this aircraft carrier and in the letter crozier asked that sale is being moved from the commune of facilities all the ship to

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You can hear the cheering

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