iOS 14 code suggests 'iPhone SE 2' may be joined by larger 'Plus' model



We've been talking quite a bit on the past. Few episodes about the rumored update to the IPHONE. Se to were possibly the iphone eight. I've been calling it the IPHONE. Se iphone eight se too because of the kind of merging of those do things with this week. We got a little more information in a according to nine to five Mac. There seems to be indications in the IRS fourteen Betas the latest ones that the iphone eight se to will actually come in two sizes. So it's looking like there's going to be a regular size and a plus size and really to me then what I think we're going to see is an update to basically the iphone eight in the iphone eight plus We can almost at this point. I think just call it. An iphone nine iphone nine plus with updated specs and possibly a lower entry price point So we're likely going to see a four point seven inch version and a five point five version and to me that pushes it further away from an update to the SEC. Too because the two is that smaller four inch

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