12 Months of Thrifting: Words


April's prompt is words. The theme is words. So what I mean by. That is clothing shoes accessories with words on them. So things like graphic tees inspirational quotes a little. Diy action that. I want to talk about so I looked back at some of my favorite things in my closet. And although I'm not like a huge graphic t- person every now and then I will thrift a t shirt or a clutch or something that has like a phrase or saying or bad name or anything that I kind of believe in an appeals to me. And there's some of my favorite pieces of clothing like do you have spot pants. That's a pink on your Butt Juicy Juicy. I have those immature early two thousand. That's not necessarily what I'm talking about. Like I have a t shirt from the Cleveland. Flea that says treasure hunter on my favorite is right like it's one of my favorite t shirts and I wear it all the time. So the thrift store is a great place to thrift things that have words on them. That kind of you can use a sort of like a self expression kind of Thing or you can thrift things to. Diy them so you could buy a Jean Jacket from the thrift store and then do some Iran on words Embroidery Screen Printing Din. You do that. Oh a couple of years back. You went to the What's it called Rubber City clothing? Yes and didn't you take Jean Jacket and have something on it? I sure did. I took a Jean Jacket. I took a t shirt. I took a trenchcoat and Robert. City clothing is a local screen printing store in Akron. And you can bring your own items in and get stuff screen printed there and they have salons of Akron centric things like the blimp and Akron sayings and all that stuff yes. There was an article in the local paper about it which I will link. Oh cool do you remember what you got put like what you put on certain item? I did I got One of the the prints that they had was a heart and in the heart were all of Akron's neighborhoods. Oh that's so. I got it on a blue habit or has it been a while no I think. I outgrew the trench coat on a trenchcoat. Gosh I cannot remember that. This is a long time ago. I do yeah I do. It was the pictures in the paper. The newspaper the other jacket doesn't fit me anymore. So okay think I donated it or something. Yes so that's one way. Look if you have a local designer or artist. I'm in the process of planning a little. Diy with local artists That asked to participate in the challenge. Her instagram name is encourage company and she does lettering and printing so. She said she thought it would be a really fun. Challenge if I drifted something and then she did some printing on it for me. It's cool. Yeah so Lincoln Account That should be a lot of fun. So we're prerecording now so we don't have all the stuff ready yet but check instagram to see the progress on that note. Trend Right now is kids are getting like white. Tennis shoes. Like white vans. And they're painting them Really like they're like they're really talented. Like I can't believe the cool thing. Yeah you can like could you imagine like if you have a person like this could right of really cool phrase or something that like you live by on your shoes like that's fun? There's so many ways to do it. I didn't know kids were doing that. Yeah the Thrift. Store is the GOTO PLACE. If you're trying to diy that because sometimes you see some really corny sayings on. Earth did close. Letting your like. I would never wear that but you can. You can do your own thing and I look. I said some of my favorite graphic tees came from the thrift store. I have one that has All these different genres of music it and I worked to the jazz fast it gets just so appropriate and I'm like I'm so happy with those purchases. Yeah that's so much fun. I love those. You know what it reminds me of. Is Laura lie from Gilmore? Girls she always would wear some cute like shirt with acute saying on it in like a blazer and she'd go to work and I'd be like I wanna be lower rely totally do that and it could be like a band like it could be anything anything that you want One of my favorite ways to incorporate words Chu is through like clutch bag. So you know. I love clutches. Yeah Sometimes words already on there right Or you can buy like a solid clutch. An iron on something was the canvas clutch. It makes me think of Betsy. Johnson stuff yes yeah. Cool Kate. Spade stuff has They have some a lot of graphic products too so find some designers that you're inspired by and kind of make your own thing like don't rip off of them but you can be inspired by them. You find inspiration online so we always talk about mild medium and spicy ways to incorporate the theme mild would be maybe accessories right. You could use like a necklace that says a phrase or earrings. Oh that's true. My love any words that appeal appeal to you do simple dainty accessories a mild way would be to do a graphic tee and like a spicy way. Could be like a big old you know. Diy on the back of a jacket. Ya Moto Jacket. Jeans Jacket trenchcoat. Something like that. That'd be hard for me. No I could see you do you do. It depends on what it says. I love my kitties. God that's so many innuendos rape care

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