Seattle's City Council Wants Rent and Mortgage Relief, But Payment Is Still Due


Renters in mortgage holders should not have to make their monthly housing payments until after this is the health crisis ends that's what Seattle city council is saying in the resolution calls on state and federal governments to forgive those debts more from come Oscar when he can the resolution introduced by city councilmember Tammy moralis calls for a moratorium on commercial and residential rent and mortgage collection until the crisis is lifted and people are able to go back to work and pay their bills further the resolution says the missed payments should never be collected I'm getting hundreds of calls a day and emails from people saying that if I don't pay rent for four months especially in Seattle where branches you know two thousand dollars there's no way that that accumulated debt is something I will ever be able to pay off the resolution passed by the council has no legal force is part of a national movement calling for temporary rent and mortgage forgiveness Corwin hake

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