Monthly Recap March 2020 - Coronavirus, Anything Else?


It's time for the end of the month. Wrap up and this is going to be a fairly short episode Because there's not much else to talk about besides being locked on our homes just speaking of the blog post. I wanted to talk about another blog. Post that I that I follow for quite some time. Now let's improving police by David C Cooper if you've listened to past episodes you know. I've interviewed chief David Cooper and He's very kind and gracious enough to come in the PODCAST. He has Featured another Chief of police current chief of Police Aurora Police Department in Illinois. And that chief is chief. Kristen Zemun I hope. I'm saying that name Right Z. I. M. A. N. Zemun Kristen Zemun or Zimin. Kristen Zemun she wrote a post called. What is this pandemic trying to teach us? So I think it's very important that we understand You know what what we're supposed to be learning if anything right during these days and Times. All locked in our homes Essentially right. We're not really locked inside. There's no martial law. There's no order saying we can't go outside Please check out my past episodes where chief Vern Rick and also Dr Canea Turner in which we went over the pandemic and in in to be looking for and how the police are gonNA responding all kinds of stuff like that so when we went over that kind of stuff. Here's another opinion post By chief Christian Zemun and she's talking about what this pandemic is trying to teach us and we should be trying to learn something we should be trying to come out of this a little bit smarter a little bit better and I think that all of our lives we should always be trying to improve upon ourselves and she reflects upon his time. You know you know. And it's really devastating time. We consider all this going on right the NBA season has been canceled. There's no march madness a no championships. colleges are shut down a more than likely no problems school or closed down all these different things and And it's really been very devastating to people who have become accustomed to all the ways in which we live right favor restaurants. A close can't go to bowling alleys. I WANNA say. I heard a story about a about a barbershop. In Hartford with a police had to go in there and make him stop cutting hair and I think even arrests were made There was a situation of Florida in which Was still holding services so this this whole thing has really taken us by surprise in by storm essentially but we gotta get used to it and I got to be very upfront and honest. I thought that a lot of this was just drastic overreaction but as I'm watching the news and seeing the death tolls rise in seeing the you know the the models of what could happen. If we don't try to do something about it than I gotTa Say. Even my mind. was changed nevertheless We gotta try to learn something. And that's what chief. Kristen Zemun is trying to get US. To understand and era post. Essentially I'M GONNA read it. But she essentially talks about Does being patients and and how we choose to respond to to any type of situation on this right. I think I've done a another episode of in our daily Encouragement sessions weekly encouragement sessions. In which we try to understand that you know life is. Life is ten percent of what happens to us and the other ninety percent of our respond to it. And so that's essentially chief. Kristen Zemun is saying. It's our response that matters now and how we're responding and so that's the most important things are response I WanNa just Kinda put chief. Kristen Zemun out their last name. Z. M. A. N. Z. I. M. A. N. Zemun First name is Christian with a K. K. R. I S. T. E. N. Kristen Zemun and she has a blog. And you can go to her blog and read up on catch up on what she's got going on over there once again. She is a chief of police in Aurora Illinois. So another thing that I wanted to talk about what we're learning from this is Yes we we're learning patience and we're learning That we have to choose how we respond to this and I think that now is the time to really try to reconnect with our families reconnect with our friends Try to put down as we're sitting around in the house no place really to go Maybe turn off the TV's may be turned off The Video Games turn off our tablets and cellphones and really try to do some reconnection especially since a lot of people are working from home. if you're you know if you have the ability to work from home because a lot of people are just outta work applying for all these different Out of work benefits and so it's really really can become very frustrating to people and people really can't fill some type away because you know the bills are still going to be do their some companies and corporations that are going to be Putting off payments or allowing payments to come in at a later date and time but those payments are still going to be do and yes. There's a stimulus package coming with. Thousand or hundred dollars is supposed to be coming. But what is that really going to do in the in the grand scheme of things? I think that they really want to bail. People out you know can't license of some debts cancellation. The student loans You know I think that that would really help you. Know maybe no taxes for a little while I think that that is the biggest thing. Twelve hundred dollars that'll pay rent And then that'll be it so I don't. I'm not very impressed by that particular number. Maybe five thousand or ten thousand. Maybe that'll be a little bit better. I know that's unrealistic. But but you know twelve hundred dollars is really not is really nothing is really drop in a bucket another thing. I think that we can learn. Should learn from this. Is that when when our government really want something or at least when they see a what's in it for them you know type of thing right. What's in it for them? Now They I. They understand that they stimulate the economy if they keep going than than the taxes will continue to come in. And that's really just. The bottom line is really about taxes and revenue in the financial a stability of the country. And make sure the finances are continuing to flow towards the top. And that's what's really important to them. But if we talk about feeding the homeless or mental health care or food stamps or a shelter for the homeless or Medicare for all or free college or anything like that then all of a sudden. We don't have the money for that. Oh we can't do that. We can't find who's GONNA pay for that right that's always a mantra but but in this time of pandemic than okay we'll give everybody twelve hundred dollars a mere dry like. I said before a measly drop in the bucket and then we'll go on with business as usual So I think that we. We really have to learn what our government is doing in. That's why we had to really understand that our votes have meaning and they have consequences. Elections have consequences. And this is what we're voting for a Lotta Times. And even we olding our noses voting. This is still what we're getting so I think that that's it's really problematic Really disappointing but you know. This is the light that we had to live and We really have to understand how to play the game a lot of times. If you listen to my episode with Stephanie Lawrence She said we had to understand how to play the game. And that's a lot of times we just don't understand how to play the game. It's disappointing. I also think that we learned a lot about us as a country first of all as a country. If we understand that you know when schools closed grammar high schools A lot of kids they realize are not going to be able to eat and so Which is which is a very sad state of affairs right. We understand the Black Panthers. Were were really the originators of breakfasts programs and and all that kind of stuff and I and I believe that here now in Connecticut they are either have passed looking to pass a bill that would stop the shaming of people of kids. Who Don't have lunch money First of all I think that All school lunch programs ought to be free. If we can feed our prisoners who are we have incarcerated and if we can feed our troops who sent away and military excursions and in operations then we should feed our students who are our future. I don't understand why we make them pay for lunch or breakfast at all. But nevertheless and so we understand that many people who are financially strapped their children will be home and now these children will not be able to eat the same nutritious meals that they would get in schools and so a lot of people have opened up their hearts and minds in their wallets in restaurant doors in allow children to go in there and to be able to consume in an eat which I think is great for them. I think it's sad for us as a country but I think that the government really has an obligation to make sure that it is citizens are fed. I really believe that and I think that And I think that it's great that these civilians in store owners and restaurant owners are really opening up their doors. But I think that we ought to look in the C- look in the mirror and ask ourselves. What are we really doing? How are we living? When our children don't have enough to eat? And of course this has led to the parents their their inability to get a decent paying job and all that kind of stuff so we can have a great discussion about that The financial resources that are coming in and different people who are working two and three jobs in order to make ends meet and still not able to provide the children with nutritious meals You know so. That's that's a whole nother conversation. We can have another time so I think that we should take a look at Sophos of the country. See what's going on but also give ourselves a little bit of congratulations in that. Some people are stepping up and doing what they can do. In order to make sure that these kids are eating

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