Do you need a mask? The science hasn't changed, but public guidance might



The latest is the CDC is considering recommending the general public wear face coverings in public the key word there being coverings joining us now is to help sort things out is Washington post science reporter Joel Achenbach Joel thank you as always for your time tell us where we are with the face with a mask or face covering recommendations now when it comes to both health care workers and the public thanks so much for having me in all explain it is as well as I cannot believe it a little bit up in the air as to what the CDC will actually say we're we're waiting for their guidance they clearly are mulling this over there looking at some proposals have gone up from the CDC to the White House in our reporting indicates that there will be some kind of new recommendation I'm gonna eat I don't want to get ahead of the news so I it'll probably cover like what should you do if you go to the safe place because the giants are going to CVS you're going out into a public place should you wear something over your face and I think that they will they may advise people to do that that doesn't mean you have to we have a mask if you are going to the living room the dining room or if you're walking on the sidewalk in the dock I don't see I think it's it's really about when you go into a public place where people are coming close together that seems the most plausible thing that they've been made to this a lot of discussion about this and it's kind of a grass roots movement a pro mask movement thank god we are faced with a cost there's a lot of concern about it to the experts we talked to say don't give a false sense of security these masks the Alexa cotton homemade mask is not going to protect you from the virus the late in ninety five you know respirator mask do would do that you know so it's it's all it will do though is it might make it harder for you Durrance acted to infect someone else yes so the the feeling what we think is generally that if if you have a homemade cloth mask it's better than no mask better than nothing well it did it the thing is you can review spread the virus is spread person to person typically with the respiratory droplets you know and let's just say that you've you've spent two feet away from someone you're talking to them you know you can be kind of you know spreading virus that was that's what it say stand six feet away but you could imagine that you're at the checkout line at the safer you're doing a self check out you know you can be spreading droplets as snow without realizing it just from speaking and so on and this is the way of kind of you know of containing that a little bit with with a clock it won't protect you but it might help protect other people Adam got to be the advantage of you won't touch your face is often if you have a mask there are some downsides though to like you you have people work that well the masks could become infected and handled by other people they may not be worn correctly it in there I think the really concerned that people will say hello I'm wearing a mask now I can you know do whatever I want to do is I mean the best advice the standing advice is stick to the social distancing don't get within six feet of other people wash your hands all the things we know will work in and really will work including the and flattening the curve

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