Two senior cadets, among 1,000 seniors isolated at the Air Force Academy, died by suicide within days


After two cadets suicides in less than a week their force academy leaders are making big changes in social distancing policies and some complained had made the school prison prison like that is four connect seniors to remain on campus alone in their rooms so most Carlene Johnson early in March the Air Force Academy in Colorado springs sent freshman sophomore junior cadets home the seniors due to graduate in may we're told they would stay in single dorm rooms food brought to them instead of the dining hall and no gathering with classmates anywhere on base that group of humans what you have created over four years a few calories supportable park would definitely be something it's tough to say Tom Roeder is the senior military editor for the Gazette in Colorado springs discover the economy for seventeen years and tells me he's never seen them rocked by a tragedy like last week when two senior cadets took their own lives and that brought top Pentagon brass to the base Monday where the seniors were urged to reach out for help and told they can now venture off campus to get food and can gather with classmates in small groups still keeping that six foot distance the hope is not forcing that isolation will prevent the cadets from feeling

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