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Falling in and out of Indian. Outta love which you volleying eating out a loving at a love with you falling out of Bolliet at. I can't once I start going with it. Stop I love it? I love only that she only court. You only heard the cornerstone. Listen I'm limited. I'm out the next the no racist flavor that you saw the little Nike was. Actually all I want you to be in DC. What he's doing but obviously when you hear that raw on the Internet and saying those rapport. Say That's kind of A. I would love to hear the finished product because I don't hate I'm GonNa say I hate this music? I think he didn't want someone that I actually. Kinda you know like all I made. You might be twenty you like. I don't remember you might be referring to Albion I. I'll be found me real-life I'll be your TV. He's like that tomorrow. Not really like that song. He's a big tyron. Woodley Music Fan big little. Did you buy what I I thought? Does he have his album all right? He's got videos. I've seen music videos. He's got it because he was promoted right after. I took the ball so that was kind of like the day he had this big press. Four get set after a in hopes of retaining the belt then really pushing the album and I kind of derail battle bit by I C. I feel because Tirado beat agrees writing like Diran love time but like I. I feel this L. promoting his rap career or killing it either way. We're letting I think he definitely has the issue. I don't catchy songs. That the demographic he can get bumping that song better and trust someone who works with Matt I can tell you Matt really likes to sing that Song Nat enjoy. Let's get all which one did thinking of a big hit. New Housing starts with you know basically if owning a love and it goes all the law in.

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