South Dakota Senate committee rejects resolution urging Congress to rescind Wounded Knee medals. Spokane Tribe celebrates legislation to compensate tribe for losses from dam construction decades ago.


The National Native News Antonio Gonzalez a South Dakota Senate committee is rejecting a resolution urging Congress to rescind the medals of honor given to soldiers who participated in the wounded knee massacre. The sponsor of the resolution says senators miss their chance to make history by saying what happened at wounded. Knee was not okay. Lee strube injured reports on December. Twenty ninth eighteen ninety around four hundred and seventy. Us soldiers surrounded chief big foot leading his people to the Red Cloud Agency in Pine Ridge. A shot rang out and thus began one of the deadliest massacres in United States history. It happened on South Dakota soil estimates range of one hundred fifty to three hundred Lakota elders women and children were killed. Republican state senator. Jim Bohlen is a former history teacher. He opposes the resolution which came up in a Senate military and veteran's affairs committee. He says the decision to resend medals of honor given to soldiers who participated in the massacre is a matter best left at the federal level again. None of these people who were involved in these horrific horrible terrible despicable acts were residents of South Dakota and none of the orders that were given at any time. Were to best my knowledge or what was testified here. Today were ever came from anyone in the WHO wasn't an official of the South Dakota State Government. Which at that time was only one year old had only been in. Venice state for one year of those nearly four hundred seventy. Us soldiers twenty were given medals of honor by contrast twenty seven medals of honor were awarded Marines. Out of the seventy thousand sent. You would Jima. During World War Two Democratic State Senator Roy. Heiner brought the resolution. He's CICHAGO's Lakota from Michigan and says a Senate resolution is reserved for petitioning the states federal delegation to read some of the accounts from people who were there both Indian and non Indian. They all said what happened was terrible what. I don't understand is the congress awarded Congressional Medal of Honor for those acts and we aren't brave enough to say we shouldn't Heiner says we're sending those metals would go a long way in helping descendants of wounded knee survivors. He'll for national native news unleashed Jupiter. Npr The spokane tribe held a long anticipated celebration last week over passage of legislation to compensate the tribe for losses incurred after. Grand Coulee dam was built decades ago. Steve Jackson has more the completion of Grand Coulee dam in nineteen forty one meant the loss of homes as the Columbia River. Rose over its banks. The impact on the culture was just as dramatic in meant the Sanin very important staple an icon would no longer be able to make it upstream tribal lands. It took decades to convince lawmakers that the tribe deserve to be compensated for its loss. The bill received bipartisan support from Washington State Lawmakers Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell and Republican Representative Cathy. Mcmorris Rogers Ninety five year old tribal member Viola. Brazil remembers when the dam began to flood the tribal lands. I was GONNA make it my. Gosh live that long. But it's Kinda sad that might never got to enjoy everything that's going to be coming because I'm happy for the younger people that you know that will have schools in college funds. I hope you know something to go on. Travel Business Chair care. Eleven says the annual compensation could bring the tribes six million dollars a year in perpetuity for national native news. I'm Steve Jackson reporting from Spokane

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