President Trump Speaks About Coronavirus


Many of the president's advisers have testified on Capitol Hill today about the corona virus and the administration's preparedness it has spread quickly across Europe at least thirteen European countries are now reporting cases initially four hundred forty people infected and the death toll at least twelve Bucks in Italy alone as the first U. S. service member has been diagnosed at a military base in South Korea in the United States the CDC is investigating reports of flight attendant has been diagnosed with the virus she had flown into and out of LAX airport in Los Angeles we are awaiting president trump's remarks in the White House briefing room a number of the president's aides including the health secretary ETS are are inside the room he has testified before Congress today this comes as a number of different countries are grappling with their own outbreaks in South Korea a U. S. soldier has come down to the coronavirus the military is ordering extra screenings of all service members and is a crucial step circling the Caribbean making an island using because someone on the phone is six we are awaiting president trump in the White House briefing room his aides have just come into the room Hey let's see what they have done we are waiting for the for some time waiting for us here's ABC's Devin Dwyer and very little time inside the room it is packed right now members of the cabinet behind me here you see economic council director Larry Kudlow's here health secretary Alex Cesar's yours while the president arrived back from India just this morning on the fact that he is holding this press conference today is a sign just how seriously he takes the threat from this disease and how seriously it could impact his presidency so we expect in the next few minutes presence talk about his plans and the two point five billion dollars he has a proposed an emergency fund it ABC's Devin Dwyer from the White House briefing room where we are awaiting president trump to speak to us about corona virus which has been spreading across Europe across Asia and for many medical experts they said there is an inevitable outbreak in the United States coming and we are waiting to hear what president trump has to say about it in the United States there seem to be about sixty cases health officials say American family should be prepared for more and the administration is taking pains to say that the United States is prepared even though some in the administration in recent days have seemingly played down the threat from corona virus as of president trump gets ready to declare the CDC and his administration are doing a great job handling corona virus she has tweeted that and he says there has not been one death in the United States let's keep it that way on Capitol Hill today the secretary of health and Human Services had a warning now even though Americans risk is low at the moment at the health secretary said that could change quickly lawmakers from both parties have voiced concern about the administration's response so as the president gets set to come to the White House briefing room microphone he does face that challenge not to induce panic but also to show that he is taking this seriously despite those tweets where he has seemingly tried to play down the threat we heard from at least one Republican senator today John Kennedy of Louisiana saying to the head of homeland security do we have enough respirators or not and and the the centers for disease control was pressed how many tests can the country conduct as of today and some Democrats have blamed the administration for failing to come clean on many of these are questions so we will see what the president is prepared to say any moment now as he walks into the White House briefing room to talk about the response to coronavirus as his administration faces what many medical experts say is an inevitable outbreak in the United States of the briefing room the White House briefing room which hasn't gotten the the the work out of late is now full of waiting president trump for the first time in that briefing room by the way since January of twenty nineteen and then not appearance he has a he declined to take questions so if he does take questions from all those reporters that are packed in there this would mark the first time in his administration he is taking questions inside the White House briefing room we'll see he has members of his cabinet that will be arrayed beside him as he gets set to take the podium to talk about the administration's response to corona virus that the president of course has been keeping a close eye on the the viruses climbing through Asia and Europe and it's also been closely watching the Dow Jones industrial average because that has taken a nose dive as of late amid fears that the virus is not contained in that will have been increasingly damaging effects on the economy not only the the American economy but the economy around the world companies like Microsoft came out today to say that the coronavirus is taking a toll much of what they manufacture in China is is taking a hit the administration has asked Congress for two and a half billion dollars to respond to the corona virus threats and house speaker Paul Losi said today that is not nearly enough and accusing the administration of an immediate response and so it seems Congress may be prepared for more president trump has now opened the doors to the briefing room followed by vice president Mike pence you're listening to live coverage from ABC thank you very much everybody thank you very much before I begin I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to the victims and families in Milwaukee Wisconsin earlier today wicked murder opened fire at a Molson Coors brewing company plant taking the lives of five people number of people were wounded so badly wounded our hearts break for them and their loved ones we send our condolences will be with them and it's a terrible thing terrible five our hearts go out to the people of Wisconsin then to the families thank you very much I've just received another briefing from a great group of talented people following the virus that is going around to various parts of the world we have through some very good early decisions decisions that were actually ridiculed at the beginning we closed up our borders through flights coming in from certain areas areas that were hit by the corona virus and hit pretty hard and we did it very early a lot of people thought we shouldn't have done it that early and we did and it turned out to be a very good thing and the number one priority from our standpoint is the health and safety of the American people unless you have unit when I made that decision because of all we've done the risk to the American people remains very low we have the greatest experts in the war really in the world right here the people that are called upon by other countries when things like this happen we we're ready to adapt and we're ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads if it spreads as most of you know the the level that we've had in our country is very low and those people are getting better a we think that in almost all cases there the better getting we have a total of fifteen we took in some from Japan you heard about that because they're American citizens and they're in quarantine and they're getting better too but we felt we had an obligation to do that it could have been as many as forty two and we found that we were it was just an obligation we felt that we had we could have left them and that would have been very bad very bad I think Merican papal and they're recovering of the fifteen people three original fifteen as I call them eight of them have returned to their homes to stay in their homes until fully recovered one is in the hospital and five have fully recovered and one is we think in pretty good shape and did serve in between hospital and going home so we have a total of but we have a total of fifteen people and they're they're in the process of recovering with some already having fully recovered we started out by looking at certain things that we've been working with the hill very very carefully very strongly and I think we are very good bipartisan spirit for money we were asking for two and a half million and we think that's a lot but the Democrats and I guess senator Schumer wants is that much more than that and normally life I say we'll take it we'll take it if they want to give more will do more we're gonna spend whatever's appropriate hopefully we're not gonna have to spend so much because we really think we've done a great job in keeping it down to a minimum and again we've had tremendous success tremendous success beyond what people would have thought now the same time you do have some outbreaks in some countries Italy and various countries are having some difficulty China you know about where it started I spoke with president xi we had a great talk he's working very hard I have to say is working very very hard and if you can count on the reports coming out of China that spread has gone down quite a bit the infection seems to have calmed down over the last two days as opposed to getting larger it's actually gotten smaller in one instance where we think we can be it's somewhat reliable it seems to have gotten quite a bit smaller with respect to the money that said being negotiated they can do whatever they want I mean they can we'll do that don't have we're requesting two and a half some Republicans would like us to get four and some Democrats would like this to get eight to half and we'll be satisfied whatever whatever it is we're bringing in a specialist very highly regarded specialist tomorrow who works actually at the state department very very tremendously talented in doing this I want you to understand something that shocked me when I saw that I spoke with the doctor felt she on this and I was really amazed and I think most people are amazed to hear that the flu in our country kills from twenty five thousand people to sixty nine thousand people a year that was shocking to me and so far if you look at what we have with the fifteen people and their recovery one is one is pretty sick but the hopefully we'll recover but the others are in great shape but think of that twenty five thousand to sixty nine thousand over the last ten years we've lost three hundred and sixty thousand these are people that have died from the flu from what we call the flu Hey did you get your flu shot and that something now what we've done is we've stopped non US citizens from coming into America from China that was done very early on with screening people we have been at a very high level of screening people coming into the country from infected areas we have in quarantine those infected and those at risk we have a lot of great quarantine facilities for rapidly developing vaccine and they can speak to you the professionals can speak to you about that the vaccine is coming along well and speak into the doctors with like this is something that we can develop fairly rapidly a vaccine for the future and coordinate with the support of our partners we have great relationships with all of the countries that we're talking about some it's fairly large number of countries so much one person and many countries have no problem whatsoever and we'll see what happens but we're very very ready for this for anything whether it's going to be a break out of larger proportions or whether or not where you know we're at that very low level and we want to keep it that way so we're at the low level as they get better we take them off the list so that we're going to be pretty soon at only five people that we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time so we've had very good luck the Johns Hopkins I guess it is a highly respected great place they did it is still a a study comprehensive the country's best and worst prepared for an epidemic and the United States is now we were rated number one we're rated number one for being prepared this is a list of different doctors and I want to get in your special food for the fifty giga this is a list of the different countries United States is rated number one most prepared United Kingdom Netherlands Australia Canada Thailand Sweden Denmark South Korea Finland

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