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Have Dr Louisiana Garcia here for Tell us where you're from again. What city of practicing. I am originally from Puerto Rico. But I'm practicing in West. La So thank you so much for being here. We're GONNA be talking about a heavy topic today so I'm going to go ahead again and give a trigger warning. This episode is going to be about sexual abuse in teens. And we're going to talk about the impact that that has in the family because we can't avoid it. There is going to be effective at the family. Has Dr Liana Garcia? Can you tell us what defines sexual abuse? Yes so there's many different ways of defining Ed but in general is any unwanted on unsolicited. Any kind of sexual interaction. It could be a touching cosby of exposing themselves. It could be on want to touch. It could be all the way to a penetration or any of that kind of sword but in general is that unwanted unsolicited nonconsensual touch and specifically with sexual abuse. Because from my understanding sexual abuse is in regards to children and sexual assault is in regards to adults. Is that correct? Well I guess it's also depending on what kind of Big comes up and it can go so many different ways and yeah but in general child abuse from how it's define is anything related including pornography. That's why I mentioned the whole part of on wanted exposure and with sexual abuse there was one parent that had asked this in social media. Can children sexually abused one another as well? Because the conception is that adults abused children but can it be the other way around I believe so yes and Independent on the stage with the law becomes tricky about the ages but definitely if one byner is showing any force any unwanted unsolicited nonconsensual way of demonstrating sexual behavior than it could be considered on the the rooms. Okay and we'll touch more about this in a little bit. Do you have any statistics about teens? That have been sexually abused. Yes this is based on the R. A. I N. Dot Org Wayne in. It's about sixty percent of twelve to seventeen year olds are victims of sexual abuse and thirty four percent on the age of twelve. So is really high and they have this kind of visuals that are it can be very intense because they like every eleven minutes a child protective certain service substantiates finds evidence of a claim of sexual child sexual abuse and in terms of girls. It's about every four to every five girls are being sexually abused. So and females ages sixteen to nineteen hundred four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape attempt rate or sexual assaults. Yeah and these are statistics that they have from those that have reported it but there are still so so many more that go unreported as yes in also depending. But I've seen a lot in the Latino culture as well 'cause we don't we don't talk about it and then a lot of the times most of the cases the perpetrator. It's someone in the finals of that is some good than have a lot of back in the funniest well. Yeah that statistic is actually high. It's more commonly to be abused by someone in your family versus than by a stranger which is contrary to what we're taught stranger danger. Yeah and that's why right now you should. It's more about teaching children since their shoulder. Not Wait till they're adolescent to start recognizing besides the basic of not here not touched there by anyone but also to start recognizing very kind of instinct and whenever they feel like. Something's not o k into also not promote secrets because you should lead the perpetrator someone in the family or someone that defending knows includes a lot of secret like we don't tell this don't tell anyone etc etc yeah and bribing as well to maintain that secret so it's always important to just be in communication with your child regardless of age even if they're a teen as tougher. But what are the common signs that your team is being abused? Yeah so they were usually see our drastic changes or it could be very slow. Changes INCREMENT CHANGES IN THEIR DAILY FUNCTIONING. For example in sleep patterns may be right now. They're sleeping more or sleeping lies and any kind of saying that they're having nightmares or difficulty falling asleep new fears of not wanting to go somewhere sometimes issues with eating in their school. They might have some their grades might go down or they might not want to go to school or they might not want to be somewhere. If it's someone in the family day suddenly the WanNa go to a place that they're used to going. They can have mood swings they can have ability. They can become sometimes violent or express anger in that way but usually like any kind of sudden changes in a lot of clients also changes in their appearance. A lot of times. There's a great movie. I will not remember the name probably that I love it speak. That's the name he has in. It's a beautiful movie. I mean I work with this but is a great movie to display that whole house. She changed as a result of the in that case it was the rape in her appearance. She started to wear hoodies and wanted to go outside in in their disabled and her hair was messy and Baggy clothing. And all those not wanting to be with her friends stuff. Like what yeah. I've often also heard of people that also eat more to gain weight to appear less quote unquote attractive as a defense mechanism. Where the other way around as well. Because if they don't need the Loser Meneses of that kind of stuff. You can go to another year. Any of these signs that you have mentioned can also can also be considered as the same signs to be able to notice if your teen has been sexually abused in the past or is being sexually abused. Guess I would say yes. And if it's something that has been going for a while and the team does not feel comfortable with the parent. It might be a little harder for a minor to kind of express themselves to the parents or try to hide it but a lot of times parents start noticing changes. Even if it's subtle and I would always tell the moms in the pairs that come to my practice is alarms. They know that something is wrong. They might not know what it is but they know something's wrong. I often hear that it's drugs in our culture or their friends there with the wrong crowd and all those who wished that could happen as well as drug could be a coping mechanism. Yes it can but typically if your child has not been engaging in that and there isn't any sign of that and your child has disclosed sexual abuse we cannot invalidate that an go towards another extreme. The let's talk about the best way of handling that so if you're team discloses that they have been abused than what is the best way to handle this. I always recommend to not go against it. Like to not say that did not happen to really. Just listen to them and believe them from the get-go the more than the parents resisted. Then it becomes this horrible dynamic fighting of. Who's right or WHO's wrong. Any could be so detrimental in the teens kind of health journey if they feel that the parents believed them as opposed to not believe in

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