Coronavirus chaos: Brutal riots erupt as furious Ukrainians attack evacuees from Wuhan, Turkey denies landing permission


Pannell protests in Ukraine as it brings it home from China the full room of the find of the returnees were infected with the virus violent clashes with police a sign of the spreading global fit around nineteen hundred dollars a flight carrying two hundred and sixty eight people from the western dam crews turned away from landing in Turkey the flights carrying several Americans forced to land in Amsterdam even though passengers have been cleared of the disease this has more passengers disembark from the other cruise line the diamond princess here in Japan Japanese officials confirming the total posts two cases of covert nineteen aboard the ship now more than six hundred and thirty passengers some health experts cooling the quarantine on board a diabolical after officials appeared to fail to hold the spread of the potentially deadly disease I just think there was so much cross contamination more than seventy Americans were infected with the virus on the ship among them John herring he's still in Japan and doesn't know when he'll get home not representative Joel and his wife Melanie view top would put some pulled the diamond princess but after Joan came down with the virus he was taken off last week and the hospital calls thank you to hospital fifteen minutes later shut up with your the couple making the difficult decision to have Melanie leave a husband in Japan and evacuation along with over three hundred other Americans now frustrated by what he says is a lack of information from the U. S. embassy in Iran away marring I'm gonna keep S. as in Sam three cases of coronavirus tripling in the last three days with two hundred and four now in fact yeah breaking career is exactly what health officials have been warning about could happen next in this case it was just one woman who authorities are calling a so called super spreader infecting dozens of people in a church and now and then tell us if the on high alert as a number of cases is expected to go even higher A. B. C.'s

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