Ida B Wells: The Unsung Heroine of the Civil Rights Movement


Born into slavery. Today's warrior became a journalist. Educator civil workers rights activists in suffer. Just she is best known as the leader of the Anti Lynching Movement her reporting on the violent injustices faced by African Americans and the work to make United States or more equitable place significantly impacted American society. Let's talk about ib well IDA. Bell Wells was born in Holly Springs Mississippi on July Sixteenth. Eighteen sixty two six months. Before the emancipation proclamation. She was the eldest of six children. When I was sixteen. Her parents died in a yellow fever. Outbreak Ida was determined that she and her siblings would not be split up so she got jobs a teacher at a rural country school in eighteen. Eighty two item move with her family to Memphis Tennessee. Two years later I was riding on a train from work when she was asked to move. She was instructed to move to the colored car which also served as a smoking area. Furious either refuse when the conductor forcibly removed from the train ida bit how she sued the Railroad Company and ultimately lost the case according to a story in me obey the injustice inspired beginning of her activism in journalism career while working as a journalist Ida wrote about ride subjects she was an outspoken reporter and weighed in on issues such as disenfranchisement and segregation rapidly. Ida became one of the most prominent black journalists have her time and was called the princess of the press in eighteen ninety two. I disclose friend and two other African Americans were murdered by Lynch mob. The killings motivated IDA to expose the reality of becoming one the first reporter city so I don't wrote articles condemning the attack and the wrongful deaths of African Americans and one article titled Lynch Law. In America I wrote the nineteenth century lynching mob cut off. Ears toes and fingers strips of flesh and distributes sugars person at the body as souvenirs among the crowd. Her Writing Ida documented the dangers that black southerner face after one particularly controversial article. That either wrote a mob stormed the office of her newspaper and destroyed the press. Fortunately I wasn't in the office when the incident occurred still the attack understandably Friday nighter and she left town. She moved to New York where she worked at the New York Age and African American newspaper. There she continued her work exposing lynching and wrote a report on the subject for the publication. Ooh In eighteen. Ninety eight IDA brought her campaign to the White House. She discuss lynchings with President. Mckinley Alami Congress for a National Anti Lynching Law in one thousand nine hundred five item to Chicago and married for an Ed Barnett with whom she had four children in Chicago. Idaho for many prominent civil rights organizations including the National Association of Color Women That Alpha suffrage club and the end ablaze c. p. she actively fought for the women's suffrage movement during one suffers parade organizers told IDA and the other black women incidents to march in the back the organizers feared that women of color would offend southern delegates but either refused standing her ground despite the enormous backlash she received. Ida's fight for. Social Justice was relentless. She continued her activism and to her death in one thousand nine hundred eighty one at the age of Sixteen Ida is best remembered for her invaluable role as a social pioneer Ida a risks her life repeatedly to fight against the score of lynching and to protect African Americans all over the country.

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