Dallas - Texas Motor Speedway To Host 2020 Graduation Ceremonies For All Denton County Schools


Texas motor speedway can now add graduation venue to which list of functions thanks to the covert nineteen pandemic many school districts in North Texas are holding virtual graduation ceremonies some of cancel them altogether but school districts in Denton county approach Texas motor speedway and asked if it could host graduation ceremony since its massive size could easily accommodate social distancing president Eddie Gossage said of course it's a great way to give the students a special day which they deserve when you get to be a graduating thing with loved ones sitting in their vehicles in the infield watching on big Hoss and listening on the radios students will line up on pit road as they approached the stage to accept their diplomas schooled about all schools are making arrangements for everything to be photographed as they get their diploma so that the family will have that moment captured the speedway will also

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