#167 - The Legendary GEORGE WALLACE! - burst 5

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Mentioned North Korea. What are you thinking about Kim Jong? Hoon that whole thing. You GotTa theory you Saturday right. Congratulations Kingdom hundred dollars. I don't know if something is wrong. And how they how they do in those Communist countries. Something is wrong. I don't know what it is. So yeah right yeah. I wouldn't be surprised by anything like you know. What a main like. If he's been dead for weeks now and then they don't admit that till months either and you know so he got killed fighting a Bald Eagle or whatever I'll make up but Or or if he's like if he ended up being fine and has been holed up in some bunker just letting the virus burn third the rest of North Korea while he eats eclairs Shit. I've surprise me either. Have you guys been to North Korea? Hail now have you saw.

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