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Out about this because educate your kids at home while you're trying to work either at home or out of the home and just keep them occupied and safe I know is a whole lot but he said he considered all the downsides of shutting down schools and said in the end it just came down to how many lives that could be saved by reducing the amount of physical contact that people have with each other until there's vaccines or sure effective treatment the governor did salute teachers students parents that are going through this difficult time together and also encourage teachers to basically take into account how hard this is on on our students and I let the grades reflect that he did promise to continuing support and resources for districts that are serving low income students who are having a little more of a challenge with our learning it from a distance you know especially you talk about the technology and access to the internet and things like that now the governor did say for those of you who are like who is this a sign of things to come he said that this does not necessarily mean that the stay at home order will be extended he said that they are evaluating that on a day to day basis the stay at home order still in effect just through April thirtieth but I guess we'll just have to wait and see about the rest of it won't we just

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