The New TV Show About Video Games Is Actually Pretty Good


Talk about. Jason's back on the show with some stories from his time away. The three of US talk about the Games. We're playing from Maddie's ongoing journey through death stranding to Jason's discovery of enter the gun to my struggles with dragon's dogma. We then have our long-awaited Spoiler casts discussion where we talk about what happened in each of our games and what we think it all meant because along off topic discussion of the New Apple. Tv VIDEO GAME COMEDY. Mythic quest which is a lot cheaper and smarter than it seemed. I. It's a Fun. Show stick around and we are back for another week of Kentucky split-screen. My name is Kirk Hamilton. I'm so glad that you're all here with us. And I'm glad that my two CO hosts are with me as well. My First Co host of course maddy. Myers Hello Matty. Hello. It's me it is you. It's nice to see you and it is also nice to see our second co host Third Co host my second co host. The second person joining me the man with the plan Mr Buch writer himself Jason Schreier. Hello Jason Hello. It is so good to be back. There is so much I've wanted to talk about and so many twitter notifications telling me to go. Watch the wire which was yeah. It was both of our. That was that was spontaneous. I think people just all decided that one actually nothing to do with the show. We didn't talk about the wire show. I asked you got a bunch of messages about the force. Something about the Tri Force. Yeah I guess we should talk that. I welcome back Jason. Nice to have you back. Well actually I want to tell a story for how? How is your story? It was it was actually really productive. Some people might remember that last year We had a long chat about like productivity Internet distractions and stuff like that. I was actually able to like get be much more focused. This time much less distracted and I have made very good progress because almost done I have to file a rough draft in the next few weeks and I am on track for that so I'm feeling really good about it. I'm actually I'm really happy with the State of the book. In the way that it's shaping up I think it's going to really resonate with a lot of people And I will talk more specifics about that later. I Have A. I have a question you said you were more productive and less distracted. Did you do anything specific to make yourself more productive? No not really I just kind of had got your shit together kind of like you either have a good day either have good. You have good as bad as like straight up and this time I just happened to have more good days and I did. Bad Days Also the last time I book leave I like found out. I don't remember. Factually talked about this publicly but found out in the middle of book. Leave that like I would have to switch publishers in that like threw me off for like two or three days That was the whole dramatic saga that time but basically my editor on the first book wind up leaving. And then the person that he that that he was replaces on my book also wound up leaving and ended up cycling through editors and it was just not a good situation. Sounds like maybe publishing is like an unstable industry NBC. Actually the funny thing is that it is totally is but books are like people still read books people so by which makes me very happy because people are still reading books are so the begins on track and yeah. I'll talk more specifics. 'cause they know a lot of people are just like wondering what the hell this thing is. Basically it's about volatility in the video game industry but I'll talk more about it when we're closer to actually coming out which is like I thought it was like destiny fanfare. I thought you were working destiny. No that's my Lord Saladin and his his relationship. I thought it was about how stable the industry is. I'm really shocked by all of this. Yeah that's also fantastic industry civility fan fiction So yeah so that'll probably be out in early. Twenty twenty one so talk more about close to them but I have a story for you guys. You guys ready for a wild story about what happened to me so my wife and I are in our apartment. We've just put the baby to sleep. Were chilling and I get a phone call from one of my best friends. And he says hey. I'm walking down the street right now and Is Your building on fire. And unlike what like? I'm pretty sure you're building is on fire. And so like I hang up and I ran downstairs and well no I didn't i. I like meet some calls. Call the front desk like what's the deal like. Nobody picked up so it was A wife and I are talking about it. We're like what should we do? So we take the baby. Pack a couple of things that grabbed my laptop. And we've run down to the lobby write Our neighbors like in the same on our on. Our floor also came down with us. Because they're like what's going on. What's going on right We get to the lobby. It's full of firefighters and residents and it is like pandemonium it is like insanity right We're like what's going on what's going on. And there's a fire and the twenty-something floor twenty floors above me. There's a fire fire alarm went off ours evacuate when I found out and I actually knew. But my wife really wanted to go down but You're actually supposed to stay in your apartment because we have a fireproof building. So you're actually safer just staying inside Because if If they close the like wherever the fire is as long as close the door to their apartment they can actually leave because the walzer concrete or whatever the material is that actually keeps firing slated so wound up being restricted to that That apartment But yeah it was crazy if people saw so my friend later told me that. He saw like an actual explosion because the firefighters came in and they were like smashed a window and like bluewater everywhere and there was like a glass falling everywhere. It was like straight up. He was like this is like basically watching a disaster an accident he was insanity. The people downstairs were crazy. There is like a a bunch of firemen set up this remote table like workstation and they had like blueprints in front of them and like like computers and it was wild. It was like walking into the Senate movie Just firefighters running around everywhere. There were tons of them just standing around Even as because not all of them need to upstairs so they're just like people ten of cops stopping the fire. They really really fire forty five minutes We kept asking different people like is it okay to go back upstairs and we got different answers from different. Firefly's flirted very strange experience and we were like like it wasn't I don't know how to describe it because we weren't like super nervous or anything because it didn't really feel like we were in danger at any point like nobody was panicking or saying the fire is spreading like it was very clear that they almost immediately. I mean New York City's fire department is just like the top notch like they deal with shit all the time so it was very clear that they got the fire controlled right away which was good turns out the due to live there died and he was like an elderly man. Apparently he was a big smoker. They think that's how the fire got started. Like he fell asleep at the cigarette or something but Yeah Men New York City Living Kennedy a fire near building at some point. It's nice at least that it didn't mean the whole building burned down some horror stories of you know big buildings full of people catching on fire and older buildings. Yeah I think this is because this is a little bit. Newer built with fire proof material. But yeah if it was a non fireproof building. Then that whole floor ed decimated but what really sucks other than the Juju giant which is really tragic and saddened people? A couple of people in the apartment also got injured. What really sucks. Is that like there. There is water damage and smoke damage in the neighboring apartments. And then the apartments below them because when firefighters came in and sprayed water everywhere like drips down and could destroy an entire apartments full of stuff in like just all. Your stuff gets rex. Because you happen to be below the apartment that where the fire was. That's Super Sex. So yeah just a a wild experience would not recommend it Gives US down. I would say so. Then we review is largely in a nutshell Fire tell me about this whole try for thing. Yeah this is related to the fire. This is a real time so we mentioned last week and many. Have some thoughts on this? So maybe I'll explain what happened because came up so you that's great. I think we're just riffing and then I was like well which try force are each of us me. You and Jason and a bunch of people wrote in and there was consensus among listeners. And I don't have the numbers here but pretty much. Everybody agreed that Jason is the power try force. Mattie is the courage try force and I am the wisdom try force. There were a lot of different explanations for that. Though Kent Listener Kevin did right in with very thought out of and it was very different. It was like each one was completely different and I know you have thoughts on this. I'm curious this is wrong. I sorry I feel like this is a classic example of how people they kind of know us because they they listen to. Us talk every week but but they don't realize I think the actual answer is that I am the power try force. Jason is the courage strikeforce. And you're still wisdom. 'cause you're still the Princess Zelda of the bunch that's the highest compliment. I you know I know myself pretty well. I've I've been promoted at Kentucky. Three times charisma. My way onto this podcast. I I really think I'm the Gander for the bunch and also Jason for fairly. Well it is. It's it's how I operate. I just manipulate people until they do whatever they want. And Jason Is. He's a very brave person. He's courageous and I don't remember but yeah he's surprised if I just think it's reflected in his work and actions in life and career choice. I just I feel like that. Embodies THE SPIRIT. And that's not to say. I'm not courageous. I just I think I operate more on a power. Differential is all. That's that's awesome and that that's a good tape. So That's interesting do you guys. Do you feel like this is inaccurate or accurate. I think they're all pretty good qualities. It's nice there's one that's like the shithead try force one of has to be that So I'll take it and I'm not ultra familiar with each of the forces. Though hearing your explanation Mattie helps me understand them better power. I'm courage Kirk is incompetence. Yes Turkey Circus. Like the fuck up. Try like Kirk keeps losing control of high rule which is really messed up. I didn't WANNA bring it up keeps happening. Anyway it's basically the same as astrology and you know it doesn't matter race kind of fun. Thanks everybody who shared their theories on. Who is which try for us so sort of a fun thing? Let's make this inter last forever. Kirk you of a story that you wanted to do. I I read this well. This can segue into games. I'm playing since the Games. I'm playing are both on switch..

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