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Penn State Cinderella Story Continues, Pat Chambers discusses his team

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All right. We'd like to welcome in Penn State head coach Pat Chambers One. Eight of his last nine coach chambers. Welcome to the world's greatest podcast with Greenberg dockage. Dan Open things up because he is the big ten Guru Guru. I like it. Hey coach last night what happened. We didn't make implicity the voting go in the basket. That's a big leads with that. That's the truth the balls gotta go in the basket for you to win the game. I mean it was a rock fight. Both teams played extremely hard It gives you all know Brad credit for what they did defensively on Stevens and our shooters and then I was fantastic me. He was hurt for about four or five days there and he comes back and he looked healthy and strong and extra little kicking his step for sure he looked fresh. I think that's why he's able to make any place down the stretch for them. Forget about that that game. You won't eight in a row. You want eight zero at Penn State. You've got sixty wins in two and a half years already. Which is absolutely incredible. Most wins in the three year period. I think if I'm not mistaken in the history of Penn state and he's got a lot of season left. How did this group happened? I guess is the best question each. That's why he loved dockage right. He just wants to talk about the negative sake us right. Oh recent Yay balancing. I was conscious classic. Look I just think Lamar Stephen Staying? The course and Mike Walk and staying the course. The older yet veterans Guys that are loyal. Loyalty is is very. As you guys know loyalties everything these guys committed state committed to not only but the staff at each other the players in that locker room and the program so at Penn State. You GotTa get older and you gotta stay old now. We gotta stay old and Dan you were you. Were there at the pleasure when these guys were freshmen. We've played each state. You knew we building something special. We just have to stay the course. We have to be patient and fortunately city Barbara was patient And that's why you're able to to go through some growing pains and learn and get some shared experiences. And that's why you're able to you know as SEF just said sixteen sixty wins in the last three years. It's a great accomplishment for these kids. Twenty and six Penn State two games out of first place with Maryland. I think I don't think Maryland has an easy schedule. I think this could still get very sexy coach. Talk about Lamar Stevens. His his sidekicks other than Watkins are gone from that game but man is he been good. We'll real steady Really Mature Really grown up In his approach and everything he's doing from from cold cubs yoga to getting it. Sure shot's taking care of his body take and then his leadership ability and autos and in the locker room that practice is a kid. Who's you know? We only got a few weeks left of the season regular season and he still bought into the culture of doing all the little things that we need. Do to keep getting better. And that's been his message. You know he guys what we can get a lot better. We gotTA clean this. We gotTA CLEAN THIS UP CLEVELAND. So if we can do that now you really. GonNa put put ourselves better position. I mean we're a great position now but he wants more. He's hungry for more. I mean he's gotta be up there for for player of the year in this league. I mean there's I know guards it and I know thirty. Counting cash is another straight players. But Lamar Steve has got to be in the conversation. Now you played last night. You've played it for a while now without your second leading scorer Myron Jones. What what does he bring? What's the timetable to bring them back? See Dan I'm learning this thing here. I'm trying to create some news out of this question and that was the kind of newsy question. Dan's radio show now. This is something different dad. We J. for sure. Obviously we're evaluating. We want him to be as healthy as possible before we bring them back on the floor. I think we would be doing him a disservice if we brought him back any earlier. So let's make sure he's as healthy as possible so we can really contribute any safe. You know that's important kids. Safety Ethic is what Penn State's all about But to lose your second leading score and go three and one is about the depth and you guys know this you know. We've never had that type of depth in my tenure. We're talking about Mike Tenure I was never able to go seven eight nine deep and this year. We were able to do that for the most part now. Mj's down guys have been stepped. Brockton has been stepping up tomorrow. Wheelers stepping up Curtis Jones has been stepping up as long as we get contributions from everybody we. We can continue to compete. Continue to get better. Hey you mentioned your Athletic Director Sandy. The importance of for one somebody sticking with someone Santa. Barbara's been amazing Look I Texas Texas Tech. Today we need to do a case study other directors need to watch not jump the gun and go find out what might win the press conference or make the public happy I think it's she's been inside the walls here. She's been inside the program she sees what we're doing a culture wise inside a lock room. She comes to practices. She sees developing our players. And how we're getting better and You know I think it's all pay off both of us. How about the environment? I you know you go to Penn State. It's got this great name obvious identity but I was so. They had some issues with the football situation but the environment. What makes Penn state like when you when you take that job? It's a big job and all those other things it's more money and and that's great now that you're there now that you're having success. What makes it the right place for you? Because let's face it as coaches? You're only as good as last season you can you? Can you know people have short term memories I? It's not an easy job. So what makes it where you say you know what not only can I win but I can sustain it? I mean what's the key to sustaining? Besides just getting players. Yeah. I think it's buying. I think you both would agree with that right. Top top down by into what we're trying to do complete and total investment into making. Sure that look we.