New York: Judge dismisses ex-Knicks star Oakley's lawsuit against Dolan, MSG over ejection from game


This has been being talked about by all the NBA people. So I didn't want it to be spoiled for all right so this is a genuine reaction. I have no idea where you say. So what is the episode? That set you off where you're no longer going to attend games at masters locally being dragged by his pants or whatever out of the arena. Okay so after. That is out there and did nothing. So after that Charles Oakley Sue James Dolan Square Garden a civil lawsuit well today that lawsuit was dismissed by Manhattan federal judge so Oakley sued MSG for defamation assault false imprisonment and other and other things related to this twenty seventeen incident. He claimed in his suit. He was being unfairly targeted for making jabs at Dole. And who's also in attendance? And then they also claimed that oh he was drunk and belligerent. So this got thrown out. The judge sided with Dolan and Madison Square Garden. Saying Oakley failed to make a plausible legal argument to support these claims Madison Square Garden. James Dolan released a statement all no. We thanked the court for its ruling. This was an incident that no one was happy about. Maybe now there can be peace. Maybe be peace between us. What an olive branch. What an olive branch now. Maybe that you sued me. And there's no legal standing in I guess any New York Law Federal Law. Whatever law there might be that. There is no legal standing of an argument that I should win this case because James Dolan is a complete a whole. That's not that's not a legal a valid legal perch from which to sue someone so now maybe there can be peace between us. Oh my gosh. Is there nobody in Madison Square Garden? That could tell this man what to say. Is there nobody? I mean there has to be because he's the one that went to the Michael Caine interview years ago. Would that that said the binder that said talking points right. Yeah so. The man is open to receiving talking points. How can somebody say? Hey Mr Dolan if you don't mind taking off that scarf it's it's ridiculous and the Fidora Dora. If you don't mind makes you get just put away all of your materials getting set to open up for the mighty mighty Boston's what are the eagles. It's just eagles by the way. And and and if you say this there is a large portion of your Fan Base. That does feel that. Charles Oakley had a point. If you say that now there could be. Maybe peace between us that you're offering of an olive branch is his loss in court. Meaning you're the aggrieved party. Not Him. This might make things a little bit worse for this part of the fan base. That loves Charles. There's no is there. Nobody in that building that can look him in the face. And say you're paying me to say this to you even say that so. You don't feel whatever Rath that might rain upon you from a mercurial boss Kevin Kevin was the security Kevin can say it. Kevin can wait. Apparently

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