Should Coronavirus Face Masks Be a Fashion Statement


We are going to wrap up before the end of the show with a reflection on the world of retail fashion. Joining us for that is more Nichols own fashion editor Jamie waters. Welcome back to the program. Johnny I'm enjoying early morning chats. Yes same highlighted by Monday. Thinks he's not being sarcastic. Listeners he really really means it. Let's talk about well. It's interesting sort of collision Jamie of the the pandemic into the world of fashion and this question about mosques and the becoming almost sort of fashion statements. How do you read? What's happening out there with this yet. There's this kind of interesting strange situation that's also has a sense of inevitability about where in a lot of places. I'm as masks becoming and trade that pot of people's everyday uniform now. Of course you're saying people starting to inject some sense of personality and style into what they're wearing so. I think in Asia. This has become very common correspondent. James Chambers is recent before about different colors can signify and that you know yellows with a lot of the cool kids wear and read and Etcetera Etcetera. And there's all kinds of different senses of style on now that we're seeing in a lot of us. Cds that mandatory by seeing that pickup and a lot of fashion Brown's astounding to so musk's and what they're doing is that we've done night some and so summoned to this this sort of offset being which makes it seem more sort of charitable. But then he saw the thing happened over the weekend my soul someone on social media basically from a luxury ecommerce site and it was a mosque by a big straightway brand because as an aside straight way brands have Masa they part of their collections for a long time they come in and out of fashion just as a fashion statement anyway and there was one of these mosques that was on the site and was going for. I think eight hundred dollars and then something about that just felt really odd and uncomfortable and the image was was circulated and reposted posted. And it's since been taken down the muscles being taken off that site but it does make me think about this idea of Opportunities and and how the kind of capitalist road works and that. Desi sense of course there will be demand for at some point that will be demand for luxury item luxury mass luxury protective items. And how that all fits into? I guess what we feel and how we think about the whole situation Jamie I guess. He's actually conner. Speaks to what we talked about last week. Which was the shift in aesthetics change maybe from consumers about how much they want to broadcast the brands that they're wearing or buying because clearly there's an unease about being seen to be you know profiteering from this awful situation and yet it's probably a good thing. If Russian companies and other manufacturers do divert resources to to make mouse. She does also. Is it part of that same? Shift away from this sort of shouting a branding. I mean that's that's kind of a lot of street wear has been built on the right exactly tied up with that we point. We're talking about last week. And people being really dizzy. Sense of not wanting to use State makes status have status symbols at the moment? I think mosques and other medical equipment but I mean particularly moss have these very kind of singular aspect to them where they are. They are just the ultimate hygiene that you know. They're a symbol of hygiene there a symbol of solidarity kind of all in all in this together. And when you wear one it's to protect yourself but it's also protect others added to that that they in short supply in a lot of places and that means that when they become expensive thing. That's the status symbol. It just doesn't see right against the all these other elements because they are ultimately decide. This symbol of protection dot is in short supply. A lot of places but I think we'll it does high into what you're saying about people now being really conscious of law goes anyway and a lot of straight where browns will self from that at the moment And these these issues that the Russian in the White House. Tush industry has where you know. How do you kind of float fashion? How do you sell products in a way? That doesn't feel tone-deaf at the moment But then you know we'll see these browns to make living in the need to Cape Shifting Product Cape workers employed and medical protective equipment. Mawson's I got a lot of brands have capability now. I've been donating a lot of of these kind of products. They can make them so if demand continues going into the future dot also seems just a sensible move. So there's a lot of tied up into these idea it's fascinating stuff Jamie always get your views. That's Monaco's fashion editor. Jamie waters joining us

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