Canoe plants can feed the modern world



This is Connor Lennon from UN news. The cultivation of traditional but now largely overlooked foodstuffs could help to sustain populations in the modern world according to a research technician at the breadfruit institute at Hawaii's National Tropical Botanical Garden the Stockbridge breadfruit which tastes similar to potato one of around twenty seven so called canoe plants that were brought by boats to the Hawaii archipelago in the Pacific Ocean by early Polynesian Settlers. Who arrived by sea centuries ago in modern times? It is four now to favor as a staple dish despite its nutritious versatile nature but now the breadfruit institute promoting it as a response to critical global food security issues especially for Developing Island States Donald Dickinson met research technician and Pharma No Dickinson. Who is no relation under a breadfruit tree at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens on the audit of Kawhi and began by asking him to describe what the plant looks like? Just a quick and dirty description. I believe would be easiest to Equated to a soccer ball with smaller segments and then imagine the soccer ball is green and much more textured and quite delicious and starchy. That's a breadfruit who eat suits. And how do they eat it? It's a fruit that grows on a tree. It's actually a a female flower. The tree itself sets both female and male flowers. You eat the female flowers. Which are the fruit here in Hawaii locals? Eat it not as prevalent as other island states or island nations of the Pacific because it was never a staple starch traditionally for Hawaiian people. But it was one of their canoe plants. So what do you mean by canoe plant so canoe? Plants are set of about twenty seven plants that were brought by voyaging people that were looking to settle islands so as the people of the Pacific became the people of this Pacific migrated out of Southeast Asia. They brought with them a set of utility plants for house building for Canoe building for Weaving for food. Obviously and so there are multitude of plants. Like Bradford that are multi use so for wood and food and the leaves and medicinal purposes as well?

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