The Arrogant Killer



September twenty seventh. Two thousand seventeen seemed like a fairly typical morning for Jennifer forward. The fifty six year olds was working as a nanny and house manager for a father and his two children in Winter Park Florida. She arrived at the Berman family. Home around seven. Am to get the ten year old son ready for school. She dropped him off at seven. Fifty A M and then came back to the house little. Did she know someone was watching her that morning? Jennifer saw the father read Berman off to work at eight thirty and then left to her dentist appointment on her way back. She called Janet Grin to tell her to head on over to the Burmans home for a previously arranged job hanging a painting alarm records. Show the front door to the Berman. House opened at eleven thirty am minutes later. Jennifer called Janet to tell her not to come over after all because there was an emergency at the boys school and she had to pick him up at two thirty PM for regular school dismissal. The boys still hadn't been picked up read. Berman called Jennifer. But she didn't answer her phone and wasn't back at the house when he got there. Was it out of the ordinary for Jennifer to not pick up your kids when she was scheduled to do so yes and that ever happened before Labor in almost seven years that she had been taking care of your kids. Oddly enough he found her purse downstairs. Bathroom it appeared as though some chores had been done but not all. He calls her husband checked with local hospitals. But still no Jennifer. Finally that need Jennifer was reported as a missing person to the Winter Park Police Department. They noticed that three hundred dollars had been withdrawn from her bank account and another one hundred dollars was taken out the next day at an ATM. In Jacksonville Florida. About two and a half hours away. Police used her cell phone to track her movements and found her car abandoned in a grocery store parking lot in it they found a comforter for a bed and a bag containing bloody watch by the third day of her being missing. They discovered that she had been to a vacant lot near Disneyworld orange. County sheriff's helicopter pilots flew above it and made a gruesome discovery. They alerted deputies on the ground. Who then found Jennifer's body? She was face down in the field with grass. All around her her ankles were bound together with duct tape. Her wrists were bound together behind her with ZIP tie. Duct tape was wrapped around her entire face covering from her chin to her eyebrows. Were it appeared as though she had been dead for some time? Who Killed Jennifer Fulford? And why did they do this? Police and a jury were about to hear for

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