Minisode: Mob Dogs and Remembering the Kent State Massacre


Subject line gives it away so I'll just read it. Greetings from the Mid West. Let's get right into it. It was the mid eighties and my mom had a wild perm and my brother and I were not yet around to drive her. And My Dad Bananas Bananas premiered last week on the great network from code murder. My parents had just bought their first home in a suburb just south west to Chicago. I just did that with a Chicago accent Chicago. One day the real estate agent that sold them. Their house showed up at their door with the dog and asked them if they wanted to keep it. My Mom being the Animal Lover. She is happily took him in without question. How it doesn't happen to me. I want that to happen to me. Ding Dong yes. Do you want the best dog ever? Yes he was a beautiful amber and red golden retriever. That my parents named Duke rolled up beautiful being footage stock. The famous talking been`do apparently the real estate agent. Let's call her. Peggy was in the process of showing a nearby home that had belonged to a Chicago mobster. Who was recently murdered? The man had left behind his widow as well as his dog. You may see where this is going. He noticed that the mobster's widow would leave the dog tied up in the backyard all day long and did not seem to care for him at all so one day she took matters into her own hands snuck into the ladies backyard all my the dog and brought him to my parents. As far as my parents know the woman never went looking for him which was for the best. Since I would imagine it'd be it'd be bad to piss off a mobster's widow when I asked my mom to tell me more about the story she also mentioned that Duke was supposedly a gift from one mobster to another. He was purchased and Likely a pretty expensive present. My mom adopts all her pets from shelters so duke was the only purebred dog. She's ever had my parents say the duke was one of the sweetest dogs and I can only wonder what kinds of things he saw before he ended up with them. I hope you enjoyed this story. It's one of my family's favorites. Thank you all for what you do. And for keeping me company as I run up and down my stairs in an attempt to exercise from home seeing you in Milwaukee last May was a dream come true and I hope to see another live show when this is all over. We do to stay. Well S. T. G. M. A. That's a great story. That's a great story. I WANNA mobbed odd little lot lately. Dangerous that real estate agent was a very brave woman. The AC for her bold okay. This one just goes hi. I just finished the latest episode about the Kent State Massacre. My husband's from Kent and his whole family has a connection to the university in one way or another. The first time I went back with him his mom was driving us around showing us things in town when we got to campus. She drove us to the now parking lot. Where the massacre happened and began to tell us her story of that day but first a meet cute. My mother-in-law was in the first nursing class at Kent State. And My father-in-law drove for the campus. Bus Service several times a week. He drove the nursing students to Cleveland to complete training at hospital there after a few trips he and my husband's mom hit it off and began dating. I'm not sure the amount of time they were dating before the massacre but it was enough time that he knew her family well and had been to her parents house many times on the day. The massacre tensions on campus were high and my mother-in-law was in her dorm just behind the hill. Where the shooting took place. She watched from her window. As students came pouring over the hill following the gunshots. She then got the order that everyone had to be off campus immediately and got a ride back to Cleveland to her parents. House with some people from her dorm this whole time. She knew that my father in law was somewhere on campus but had not been able to get a hold of him all day. She worried as she sat at her parents house. Not Knowing if he was okay or not as they were getting ready to eat dinner. A bus pulled onto the suburban neighborhood street where her parents lived. She was relieved. As my father-in-law got out of the bus and exhaustedly sat down to dinner with them. Turns out as soon as he heard about the evacuation order. He began filling up the campus bus with students and drove back and forth to Cleveland. All Day it's about I know it's about a forty five minute drive to get students to the airport and other safe places. They needed to go. The whole family was so relieved to see that last one at pulled up on that little neighborhoods street. This story struck me in this time that we are seeing how people who do jobs. We normally wouldn't stop to think about can be realized as essential in the wake of the tragedy my father-in-law knew it was essential for the students to get out and realized he had the ability to do that. He kept working for the campus bus service and eventually went on to run it for a few years. He and my mother in law spent the rest of their lives in Kent and raise four kids. Who all went to Kent State? Not a May. Fourth goes by that. My husband doesn't take a moment to recognize an important part of history. That day is even though it happened before he was born. Stay sexy and flirt with your bus driver Rachel. Oh I love that so good all I know so good luck for the helpers. Everyone is Mr Roger

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