Stocks rise as Trump vows 'big' crisis package


The trump administration says it has big plans for the turbulent economy in the midst of the corona virus crisis KTA ours Jeremy foster joins us live with what some of those plans are yeah it's been a rough two weeks Bob on Wall Street stocks plummeting at near record levels but treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin said today they have no plans to shut it down we may get to a point where we shorten the hours if that's something they need to do but Americans should now that we are going to do everything to make sure that they have access to their money at their banks to the money in there for a one K. is sent to the money and and socks and wearing right now the White House is reportedly pushing a trillion dollar virus response package to the Senate and as you mentioned things are looking really good today on Wall Street this afternoon we'll hear from a valley economists to find out if each day will be a roller coaster ride all right on Wall Street until this thing

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