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Like hipsters are car repairman and it could even be a stranger but these trolls can also set up


These votes and trolls they worked to infiltrate social media platforms and to influence U. S. elections and so this is what happens they hide behind these Twitter hashtags Facebook ads and fake news stories they are the work of the bolts and the trolls and one of the most skilled countries at deploying them is Russia so how did these entities actually work to spread dis information many of the experts have said this is thank Petersburg based activist sap chock he has tracked dis information campaign and even has gone under cover to learn how they work and this is a London based analyst whose focus on information warfare and that's what it actually is is information warfare that's a defining what that is a boat is short for robot basically it's an automated social media accounts that operates without human intervention so during the twenty sixteen presidential election the suspected Russian operators created both on Twitter to promote hashtags like hash tag war against Democrats I troll is an actual human being that is motivated by passion or a paycheck to write social media polls that will push the agenda war against Democrats and so in twenty fifteen slapshot worked under cover for over two months at a troll factory in Russia that has gone by many names but basically it's an internet research age research agency and many of the troll accounts are usually they're anonymous or they pretend to be someone else like hipsters are car repairman and it could even be a stranger but these trolls can also set up different boats that amplify a message through social media and so Facebook is one common platform warm for Russia trolls and bolts which in twenty sixteen they use fake accounts to influence the US election now here how some experts think it played out American officials suspect Russian intelligence agents of using different attacks to obtain emails damaging the Hillary Clinton campaign that you remember years ago a couple years ago there were many investigations there were many that actually were a cues for being a part of this whole scheme a troll on Facebook will use different names and use the name Melvin Redick for example was one of the first to hike the site saying it contained the hidden truth about Hillary Clinton I thought they will work behind the scenes to downplay any candidate who have the potential to win and so I during that time it was Hillary Clinton and so they will work behind the scene and say we've got the hidden truth about Hillary Clinton they would say Hillary Clinton down hashtag Hillary kept Clinton guilty hash tag and it would start trending these topics on Facebook in many of the other social media platforms but these were created by the Russian trolls now there has been

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Like hipsters are car repairman and it could even be a stranger but these trolls can also set up

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