Chicago Bears acquire Nick Foles from Jacksonville Jaguars


Like Chicago Bears traded Ford Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles yesterday and I'm not sure there any quarterbacks who have had a stranger career than Nick Foles everybody knows about that incredible postseason run with the eagles in twenty seventeen the rest of his resume is kind of spotty had one season where he threw twenty seven touchdowns and two interceptions the best team need to interception ratio in NFL history but that was with chip Kelly number one ship was reinventing the NFL back in twenty thirteen with the eagles he's one of a handful quarterbacks ever throw seven touchdowns in a game so he's done incredible things went toe to toe with Brady in the Superbowl but he's also had a disappointing season with the rams a backup with the chiefs disastrous contract in Jacksonville that wasn't his fault got injured in Jacksonville now he's reunited with former offense to coach Matt Nagy in Chicago so which Nicole shows up who knows and is he good enough to beat out Mitchell Trubisky all we know is falls is not scared you don't want to play against him in a big game the question is will the bears get that far where he plays in a

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