Biohacking India: Sleep, Jet Lag, Hidden Environmental Killers, Air Pollution, Antiviral Tips, Eating For Longevity & Much More!


In today's episode. I want to instead focus on what I got up to during my recent trip to India where fortunately I came back safely and managed to get back into the US before any of the travel was quarantined. And I was able to take part in some fantastic. Qna's and panels over there and the one that you're going to hear today is one of the better ones so we spent over two hours not only replying to really educated and informed questions from the audience about biohacking sleep fitness beauty symmetry jetlag etc. But then we also did a panel and the two gentlemen who you will hear along with me on this panel are Jag Chima and Kris. Gethin two guys who actually toward India with and we did a panel in both Delhi. Which you're about to hear and then also panel in Mubarak and was recovered. A bunch of extra information and I'll also be releasing that episode for you soon But jag himself is an entrepreneur. He's investor. He's a big health and fitness personality. Who has done a lot in the health and fitness space particularly in Asia? Although he's based out of London and then Kris Gethin who you'll also here on this podcast. A new friend new acquaintance of mine former bodybuilder and editor of bodybuilding DOT com. Who was one of the best natural pro bodybuilders in existence and now he does a lot of personal training with Bollywood celebrities and billionaire businessmen and a lot of athletes. He has a whole chain of gyms as well over in India and so between Me and these two guys. We covered a ton of stuff. Everything that you're about to hear is going to be over at Ben. Greenfield finished dot com slash Delhi. Qa that's in case. You don't know how to spell that famous city in India de L. H. I. Qa so if you go to bed angry dot com slash Delhi Qa. You'll be able to get the robust show notes for everything that we discuss in today's show all right so in addition to that I have a very very cool announcement. We just launched at kion one of the most well researched proven supplements in existence for enhancing the health of your brain staving off muscle decline increasing testosterone boosting performance boosting power boosting muscle mass increasing heart health the list of benefits from this particular product. That we just launched. Its it's staggering. I've been using it for twenty years since my bodybuilding days and have been waiting for the perfect purist version of it to finally be available and it is now available and we've managed to get our hands on it and packages for you at kion so the supplement in case you haven't guessed it is creating but we have gone way beyond creating we've taken a special form of creatine monohydrate in a form called CRAP. Heure which has stringent manufacturing standards and very precise analytical control and use that to create the most efficacious creating. You're ever going to get your hands on. There's no loading necessary. There's no cycling necessary. You just launch right into this. You start taking five grams per day and it is amazing. It's the gold standard for creating. And if you combine this with Arcane economy knows especially if you're going after this from a performance and a recovery standpoint totally gangbusters total game changer. I don't think I can throw any other descriptive terms out there without a exhausting my

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