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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Completing All 3 Contracts in Warzone Battle Royale


Will. You've been playing some new colleague. I have been called Kadoi Quad Kadoi wars zoning the new battle royale from the makers of call of duty modern warfare infinity ward. I thought it's called duty. Had a battle royale mode already so obviously. I don't know much about this. You are a longtime pudgy player. So yeah you want to explain how it works. Yes explain how it works. Give us give us the so. They did a battle royale last year. with Block ups for it was really hot for like two weeks and then people stopped being destroyed and then disappeared basically. I mean there's still people that play it on the rag but it had problems with like sound model and stuff like that. The folks at Trae Art. I think did a really good. Gd Talk last year explaining what they learned from the first rather the battle royale which is basically like in a first person game where you're being unto constantly it turns out sound is really important and they focused a lot on that like the sound bottle in modern warfare warzone is is much much better. It's still not you know I. It's it's still not perfect. None of these models Arkansas. You're doing math to fool people's brains into thinking they hear sounds up and down and behind them when they're wearing headphones and since cod is a console game it has to work with. Speaker and TV's as well as funds like there's not as good as your pc only But it's really neat so you drop in one hundred and fifty players solo mode now and they have a three player team mode a Hundred Years. You get chucked out of the plane you. The map is basically like It's kind of like a mash up of all of the call of duty or a lot of the multiplayer maps. So there's there's like a quarry section and there's a TV station section and there's a bone yard section and all these different like kind of You know Classic Cod death match. Maps are either expanded or kind of injected as kind of like showcase locations in the larger battle. Royale actual royale map is really big as it would have to be rich people but the really interesting thing that they've done is they've added a bunch of mechanics. They get you back in the game if your squad game and you get knocked out so or in a solar game for that matter so for example you get knocked somebody somebody kills you for your teammates can get you back up in in. Pudgy or I think four nights all does this. You're out busy. You Watch your friends play for the next twenty or thirty minutes in this thing called the Gulag where you're in a rock style. Prison shower there to players started on either ends. You have a shower is where you lost me. Look man you went to prison shower part. I don't talk right. It's like it's the show. It is literally looks like the shower. Prison the prison shower from the rock. So so you have to like to one man leaves. The Guy who leaves gets to bears back in on his friends if you suck. Yeah so this is rocket league. It's Thunderdome but it's essentially like you're you're a subcategory of death match happening coinciding with this large fifty. Were all the people who are waiting at rocket. Leak or rocket arena not rocket arena. He's very rocket well in that rocket. Arena way like the people who are waiting for their turn to fight are standing up around the edge of the shower looking down from the guards gallery throwing rocks at the people who are fighting so like and if like you and one of your teammates gets knocked they'll be up in the arena and they can tell you which way because it's basically like doted three lanes there's right mid and last so like if you have a guy in the arena in the gallery that telling you which way the opponents going you've a pretty big advantage you have like a grenade you have a flash bang or a smoke grenade or something like that but mostly you have like a pistol or a shotgun or or whatever and then you have to murder that person if you go back in and you get back and then your team can get in world currency Like you find cash when you kill people you like cash part of diluting process and you can buy them back in at a by station for like forty five hundred Docs. It's really neat. They did a bunch of stuff to simplify. There's no attachments. They have to pick up the guns. You can you. The guns are coated like a while so like you have gray green blue purple legend gold or orange legendary loot and all that means is like the low doubts on them. So like they'll have different grips of different muscles. They'll different scopes so you don't have to be worrying about like does this angled grip going this gun or do i. Is it better on this gun? What would I do with all this stuff? The things take literally hundreds of hours to learn a game like a g are are much more straightforward. It's been really fun. I've really been enjoying an added Solos yesterday. Haven't had a chance to check that out yet. But I'm going to do it and this is free to play free to play so if you already own God modern warfare. It'll show up as a menu item if you don't it's like an eighty or one hundred gig download. I assume because the map is enormous and Let's see if you are a fan of the duty years where they have a bunch of weird like voice packs and Snoop. Dogg boys packs and a bunch of like. We'd leave crosshairs for your guns. I'm sorry to tell you that that is not the case. This is not one of those years. So hopefully the we'd leave. Crosshairs will come back next year and calling me. It's not health. Pack base it's health region so you have health jen your armor. Which is the most important kind of stat? You have rather than having a helmet and a chesapeake like you do in most games Basically you just have these metal plates you jammed to invest in front of your shirt and those three of those gives you one hundred percent armor basically and you can carry extra armor around which is nice. If you're in the middle fights and stuff like that it's it's IT'S A. They did a really nice job with. It's a really neat. It's a really neat. About how do you have a sense that they're going to avoid the pitfalls of the other battle Royale Games in terms of like keeping maps updated? Ed like changing over You know some nursing and keeping the the weapons in line Do you have a sensor that I know it's early So it's it's difficult to say my assumption is they're gonNA do one. Map is like adding maps is a neat thing if you look at what it asks. Legends is done when they add a new map. The old one goes away for a while and then they bring the new one back with some changes. So they're kind of cycling back and forth Fortnight has been constantly evolving. Their map huggies keeps adding new maps. And that kind of fragments. The player base every time they do it which seems like a bad thing when the player base shrinking so My I I think it's too early for a lot of that stuff to say until they find out what the stable audiences you know the games a week and a half old at this point so it's unclear It's unclear if if people are GONNA stick with we won't know people are going to stick with it for a month probably gets But the other nice thing is it ties into the existing call of duty. Modern warfare battle pass so the mud. It is if you buy into the battle pass in one place then you can use it in both the normal. Dm Game and also the battle royale so it's not like it's not like there's a subscription the cosmetic stuff seems pretty reasonably priced there. Aren't there aren't loop boxes like they? They've done a pretty good job. I it seems like I think that would be pleasant to Blaine. Would make you feel skis for playing unfortunate. Call of duty unfortunate play mechanics.

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