Coronavirus: List Of Canceled Or Postponed Hollywood & Media Events

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For the past few days I've been sort of locked in my house and I'm sure you have to have been locked in your house you've been keeping an eye on what your favorite musicians what your favorite artists are saying about the way they're going to have to cancel their tour is how this is going to change the way they make a living how this could potentially you know ruin them really devastate their lives last week the Juno awards were cancelled as part of the code nineteen outbreak because gatherings of people are risky thing right now tons of major arts events have been postponed or canceled or shut down billion dollar movies Broadway productions concerts ballet summer festivals museums house concerts local festivals art gallery shows our queue this panel is here to talk about the impact the coronavirus his hand on the arts you're gonna hear about the collateral damage from all these cancellations and I what we can do to maybe help are to stay above water sewer Berman writes for the website Pitchfork a harmony is a freelance music critic hi guys how are you okay hello let's start with the junos harmony what was your feeling when you find out that you know it's for cancer so by the time that you know's what canceled we've already started to see a wave of cancellation so it wasn't a surprise at all I think it was the right thing to do to be proactive rather than reactive in the situation although it was unfortunate certainly was to what you think I think there is this may be small window of opportunity we thought okay maybe the genus and stay ahead of this because at the time you know south by southwest to cancel but that is a much more of a global gathering you know we have people coming from all over the world to that festival and you know even when Pearl Jam cancel their tour that was done with the recognition that a lot of their fans flying in from all over the place to see their shows so there is that maybe that something that because the buyers hadn't hit central Canada yes and because the jurors is much more you know confined to the Canadian music industry that maybe you know the show could go on but you know once the cases started popping up in Canada they really had no choice and also even if you know they could somehow one hundred percent guarantee a safe space there I don't know if any of us were really in the mood to celebrate yes we can you know I think back to the Grammys which happen on the day that Kobe Bryant died and the weird Paul in the room that you know cast I can't imagine would have been like to like celebrates in this environment yeah I know I I was there I was in Saskatoon we flew in I'm I'm Wednesday night preparing to do the show Thursday night and we were of course you know kind of bombs that it was it was like sort of intellectually bomb to that it was canceled right you know I would've been nice to do show but immediately everyone understood right no part of anybody there that was like all this is that this is annoying and it's been really amazing to see kind of the how artists are at the same time upset but they also kind of get it right right it's about taking care of each other at this point so I think everybody can relate to that point but I think about musicians who are preparing for the summer festival season it's a great opportunity not just to get make a lot of new fans but also to make pretty considerable chunk of your income harmony do you think this could spell the end of summer festival season so I think it's still slightly too early to tell there are festivals like south by southwest of Coachella that have been canceled or postponed but those were taking place earlier in the season and so it made sense to cancel them I think everyone is in a bit of a wait and see pattern right now they're still festivals coming up like broccoli city festival or a Glastonbury just announced their headliner rolling loud in Miami there's still a chance those could go on but there are so many unknown variables to contend with so we'll just have to wait and see yeah I think the best case scenario is that this next month will be brutal and then hopefully the worst of it will be done and will be come out the other side and get ready for summer even even then he's going to want to get together in a large group you know kind of ever again it might it might take a little while before people regain that confidence you're spending you know just two days in my home with my children you know I'm ready to go go to a festival I I missed possible I mentioned that we're gonna be talking to you I mean think of it David Hein the creators of come from away in just a little while about their show that's gone dark Broadway went dark last week the Mirvish you know the big Broadway shows in Toronto have gone dark as well a lot of theatre has been canceled store what what what does that mean for theater more widely I mean on top of just like a hundred million dollars in revenue potentially like going away you know that not that there's never a good time for a global pandemic pandemic but it's a really bad time for theater because that were in the run up season to the Tony awards eligibility there is about six new plays about to debut on Broadway to that we're trying to get into that deadline for Tony awards consideration so that's you know those plans have all been scrapped and who knows what it spells for the Tony awards this year perhaps the biggest and death now to the end to the live concert industry S. surrounding covered nineteen is when live nation one of the largest concert promoters in the entire world and also they were suspending all tour is in North America harmony what's at stake here so they canceled are halted all of their domestic and international tourists and that represents countless venues artists people who are on the production for those shows who are not making money right now because they're not working I'm although it's important to note that live nation did mention that there's no layoffs planned at the moment and that they can whether other financial hit that they'll be taking so I'm hoping that this temporary measure is a temporary setback for people but like Stewart said we can get back to work a sooner rather than later how many is a great point there I mean we've been talking so much about the impact and artists themselves but you know tore promoters folks work on cruise lighting folks M. S. sound folks yeah this is an industry that's full of thousands of workers and you know they're dependent on the show going on and with no show they have no job and you know all these people are contract workers and freelancers so you know it's not like they have a salary that they can lean on in these times if you just tuning in out here with a harmony and Stuart Berman here as our queue this music panel talking about the devastating impact of the work of cover nineteen on the arts sector especially in music given everything we've been talking about here is a lot of conversations around toward insurance and I've had a lot of people text me and say you know are these positions covered are they going to be fine can you little bit do you explain what tore insurances harmony yes so typically there's two kinds of insurance behind the torso there's one for the promoter and one that covers the artist they don't cover pandemics typically however they were written in a way where an artist might be covered if they contracted a covert nineteen or if the venue was forced to close because the government told them to however a lot of insurance policies starting in January started to write in clauses that specifically exclude covert nineteen related losses so well hold on yes on the whole a lot of promoters and artists are on the hook for the losses well you know insurance is a gamble like that's all it is at the end of the year betting on an outcome happening or not happening and with cove in nineteen there's no gamble like if everything gets shut down so insurance companies aren't going to just offer that up freely so this is this is that the Arab artists would normally have insurance in case of cancellations this might not happen now because part of ours yeah I mean if they get in a car on the way the show would have to cancel you know that would be covered under typical policy but you know when there is a global pandemic that is shutting down everything I know there's no wiggle room there Laura Laura Jane grace is the singer and guitarist from the band against me she said the following on Twitter all the bands canceling shows because a corona virus are doing so because their insurance companies updated their policies to not cover cancellations due to the virus I know because ours did the same I know I mean it's sad but insurance companies aren't really in the business of paying out that many insurance claims especially because there would be a wave of cancellations all related to the same thing all coming in at the same time so unfortunately they are trying to re write the rules at the last minute to avoid having to pay those claims out yeah then we dive go fund me campaign St but like what's what's going to happen all these musicians with this with the minutes we're gonna talk it'll cost about that in a second but with the with this loss of revenue I mean it's it's crippling it's it's devastating to so many people you know because you know when you're on tour you're not just you know you're not making money like it's not a salary you're you're basically paying yourself day by day so the money you make on Tuesday night those towards your survival on Wednesday so for instance a young guy whose the recording alias of Ben cook who plays an aft up you know he's on tour in the states he was doing some small shows on his own and then he was going to join up with the band white reaper for a bigger tour and not been cancelled their tour so he was stranded in Texas because he was relying on that white reaper tour to take him all the way home right so you have to set up a go fund me which fortunately was successful but but but if you're a musician also and you're about to go into a lot of those costs are already page Mary had buses rented you may already have hotels done you might already have theaters but you might have accrued both these people have to get paid out I mean it almost doing a tour might be the worst situation you could be in right now yeah no I mean this is this is their salary this is where your income for the year you know and they're planning the these things out months in advance and I think okay my summers taken care of because I'm gonna be touring Europe in may or in April and so now that is gone and you know and they probably you know taken leave from their day job and you know can go back to that and so all these arrangements have been made that are now thrown you know up in the air and either yeah everyone

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