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U.S. hotel, travel industry ask for bailout as job cuts begin


The hotel chain saying they need help right now they're dead they're shutting down the hotels and that they don't know how long they can survive doing this but that it looks bleak at the moment have we heard anything from the White House about this Alex could there be a bailout or some other kind of help for the industry if there could be something added the payroll tax cut you something that the the hotel chains say they like that possibility that that that would help them out MGM bringing up to the president they are shutting down all of their Las Vegas properties tonight they shut down other casinos last night that he is but Lazio Mandalay bay Mirage all of the big ones New York New York the sands corporation saying today they're shutting down Venetian and palazzo V. the win corporation Chinatown waited on court those are massive hotels where now many of those people are going to be without work they're going to be furloughed without pay stand corporations and they will keep for now paying their employees that they are not going to follow them but many of the others are not going to be paid so this is impacting millions of workers in the hotel industry even if they get back up to thirty thirty five percent occupancy the hotel CEOs today telling the president they would still be looking at about four point four million layoffs that they would have to do it even got to that point because that would be too low but right now they don't know and nobody knows what the long term impact of this is going to be here people begin traveling again they feel like numbers will come back very quickly but otherwise the hotel CEOs say at this point of uncertainty they don't know what to do they don't know just how bad and how long this is gonna go

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U.S. hotel, travel industry ask for bailout as job cuts begin

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