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Samantha Irby Talks About Wow, No Thank You



I think of it night as selling a book but as supporting the booksellers and publishers and other authors who are out there and also helping readers because readers are are desperate right now. I want to read. Actually something that Carl Siegel our critic wrote in her review of your book. I hope you're not one of those people that avoids reading reviews of Your Book. I am but I know that this was positive because everyone told me it was positive. So I'm braced for it and it's cool okay. All right ready. She wrote instead of a rule. Then a recommendation. For this moment if the grips of the pandemic your ability to interpret an exponential graph has increased well exponentially while your patients for narrative has plummeted. Tries Samantha. Irby so she's heartily recommending. You as something to read right now in order to give listeners a taste of why that is. Would you read a little bit from your new collection? Wow No thank you. Yes so. This is from Piece called hung up and it is about my love of cellular phones. I was late to the technology game. I'm staring down the barrel of my fortieth year and I bought my computer six or seven years ago. I didn't get my first iphone until they'd been around for years partially because I thought who needs that. I prefer to live in the real world mostly. I was skeptical because the idea of walking around with a five hundred dollar computer in my pocket seemed ridiculous and dangerous to me and the idea that I can somehow scraped together the money to purchase said pocket computer while also maintaining a roof over my head. I E partying all the time and paying for basic cable was hilarious and unrealistic. I was the last dinosaur at the club sending multi tap texts on an analog Nokia e fifty one with no camera when I finally upgraded to a smartphone. Several years after unsolicited selfish had taken hold of the nation. My exhausted psalms cracked and bleeding from a decade of repeatedly jamming down the two key to make a letter see. I didn't get what all the fuss was about. Okay sure this glowing rectangle in my bag can tell me the weather anywhere in the world at this exact moment but who cares but wait. It could also figure out precisely what wrong street. I'm turning down and steer me back in the right direction and it can count. How many steps? I took today while saving for me all the passwords I can never remember. Please excuse me while I build a shrine to the new most important thing in my life. I've read on my phone that we as a nation as a species have a problem with cellphones. Insert facts about the harms of cell phone usage. That I'm never going to research because I do not enjoy feeling like an underachiever. But do we really. Is there actually a problem with rescuing our brains from the doldrums of sitting at a red light or from the Malays caused by having even even a single second to sit alone with one terrible thoughts? I don't have children. Therefore I don't have any opinions on whether electronic devices are a bad influence on the mental growth and development of a child. If you tell me they are than I believe you. I'm sure there's scientific evidence prove it and I'm positive. There are doctors and licensed professionals. Who would attest to the DILATOT? Serious effect modern technology has on the brains and interpersonal skills of adults. But hear me out. Maybe it's worth it. That was great. What about you Samantha? Have you been able to read for fun during this time? I'm not ever so distracted that I can't pick up a book which I feel is good so I have been reading a lot of fiction and like nothing about disease or being locked in a room. But you're a huge thriller Fan Right. Is there s recommendations like good escape reading either thrillers or Wa which I know you also love yes so I am like pretty obsessed with this writer Louisa. Luna there are two books in this series so far. I don't think the series has the name. It's like an Alice Vega novel I think is maybe like the subtitle but the first one is called two girls down and her second book in the series is called the Janes and I just reread both of those and they are so good she so good thrillers are my thing and she is a master and I just reread Mary. H K choice books emergency contact and permanent record and they're both Y. A. They make me feel totally uncool because she has mastered the way. Young people talk. And I'm like man I kind of don't know what they're saying but I do love this a lot. She is a super cool writer. So this is your third book of essays. The first one meaty than we are never meeting in real life now. Wow No thank you. I'm curious how like in your mind or they categorized as different periods of Your Life. Different themes different topics. How do they stand apart for you? Well meaning to me feels most like. Here's an overview of my past. Here's a here's how we got here kind of and then we're never meeting in real life is kind of a mix of. Here's how we got here. Here's where we're going because I'd met my partner at that point. But she wasn't my wife yet and I hadn't moved from Chicago to Michigan yet. And then while no thank you is like where I am right now. It's a Kalamazoo Essay collection. It's me in Kalamazoo in our raggedy farmhouse with the cats. Like this is where I'm

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