Drop-In or Call with Alexa?

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Is the question that I got through email. And it's from Michael East and is a fantastic question really common question in a really really pertinent question. Given what's going on right now with the whole social distancing thing so he says this. This is this question right. He says in order to keep keep in touch. My mother-in-law we purchased to echo shows. Okay Great. They're all set up on my count and they communicate well in our house right now. Is it a simple matter of just dropping it off dropping one unit off at the mother-in-law's house and then getting on her Wifi and we're ready to go? Meaning we would simply say call Omar from our home and we'll connect to her. So here's the deal with this question. Michael this is a great question so if I'm understanding you correctly when you say that they're set up on your account and they communicate well in your in your house what I'm assuming you mean is that the eco- show for you and for your mother-in-law are both under the same Amazon account now if that's the case when you bring it into her home and you set it up on her Wifi my understanding is that it is still under your account correct. So you're not actually going to be calling her which you're going to be doing is you're going to be dropping in because when you use the drop in feature it's like an intercom and it's like it's virtually in the same home because it's in the same account and so you're going to have to give that echo show a name whether it is. Oma or whatever it is you're gonNA then se on. Oma The other thing that you may have to do is you may have to make sure that you have enabled the communication settings and that's done through the Alexi APP on the communicate button at the bottom. And then you'll see a drop in tab and it will allow you to choose which devices you are allowed to drop in on so you might want to set that up before you bring it over to her house. I hope that makes sense when you would use the call feature if it's somebody that you're calling through a device through an echo device but you're not on the same account you're calling an independent person so I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if that doesn't answer your question. I hope that does help. And if anybody else has any feedback on that then feel free to join the discussion on twitter. Just you can use Use My twitter handle and I will make sure to share out the information might twitter handles Dr Terry

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