Gov. Cuomo announces new temporary hospital sites as New York death tolls rise


A a new new week week begins begins in in the the tri tri state state area area there there is is no no end end in in sight sight to to the the challenge challenge that that is is frozen frozen our our lives lives the the coronavirus coronavirus death toll surging past a thousand in New York state to at least one thousand twenty six as of Sunday seven hundred seventy six of the lives lost in lost in New York City was less than one month ago when New York recorded its first confirmed case of code nineteen we haven't even been going through this for a month yet on Sunday the ninety eight people died in the five boroughs nearly twelve hundred more recall they tested positive queens now has eleven thousand confirmed cases about a third of all the cases in the city on Sunday governor Cuomo extended the mandatory business closures until at least April fifteenth to cope with the pandemic several hours later president trump extended the federal social distancing guidelines to April thirtieth more from correspondent mark Remillard president trump now calling his hopes of re opening the country by Easter aspirational instead saying Sunday that a voluntary national shut down needs to continue beyond that date we will be extending our guidelines to April thirtieth to slow the spread it's a stark change in posture for the president and his top public health advisors are saying the corona virus pandemic could claim more than a hundred thousand lives if too little is done to fight it in some hard hit neighborhoods in the city it seems like the sound of ambulances racing through the streets is almost continuous officials and medical personnel racing to expand hospital capacity before the crisis peaks for now Dr Mitchell Katz president and CEO of NYC health and hospitals says there have been a ventilators for those who need them for now everyone who is needed a ventilator has gotten a ventilator the people who need the protective equipment have god in the protective equipment but there is tremendous anxiety about the coming weeks U. S. navy medical ship will arrive in the city today to begin treating non covert nineteen patients to hospitals can focus on pandemic response governor Cuomo's is the conversion of the Javits center to a hospital is also moving quickly jobs will be coming online this week also remember a lot of what we're doing is we're building capacity and assembling suppliers for the apex you can these people say well you don't need this today yeah I know I don't need it today because I know where we are in the trajectory today I have to prepare for the apex for the Kerr that's where I need the beds that's where I need the supplies et cetera governor says the patient zero from new Rochelle that outbreak has been been discharged discharged discharged from from from the the the hospital hospital hospital now now now home home home Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Korb Korb Korb whose whose whose is is is the the the attorney attorney attorney who who who tested tested tested positive positive positive back back back on on on March March March second second second more more more than than than fifty fifty fifty cases cases cases are are are traced traced traced back back back to to to him him him as as as he he he commuted commuted commuted to to to and from Manhattan

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