Demonstrators at Mauna Kea say they’re leaving. Tribes included in national massive stimulus bill. First Nation leader urges for people to stay home.


This is National Native News Amazon. Tonia Gonzales and Hawaii demonstrators at the base amount K. of blocking an access road to prevent construction of the thirty meter telescope are leaving camp leaders announced this week in a video message. Leader said there's no imminent threat posed by T. M. T. but pointed to threats of covert nineteen in response to the corona virus. They made the decision to pack up and come off the Mouna but pledged to return if there are attempts at construction demonstrators have been there since July and opposition of the telescope to protect the site many native Hawaiians hold sacred a spokesperson for. Tnt told the Honolulu Star advertiser. There's no immediate plans for construction. Us lawmakers hope a massive stimulus bill will soften the economic blow due to Cova Nineteen Wyoming Public Radio Savannah Mar reports on. What'S IN STORE FOR TRIBES TOUGH ECONOMIC. Times are likely ahead for many tribes including those who rely on gaming and hospitality dollars oil and gas revenue. The stimulus bill passed by the US Senate on Wednesday sets aside eight billion dollars in a Stabilization Fund for Tribes Senator. Tom Udall is vice. Chair of the Senate Committee on Indian affairs he says he was pushing for twenty billion in direct funding tribes. The first time we were able to fight and get a tribal stabilization fund of Eight Billion Dollars. We were asking for a lot more. We think the need is a lot bigger. Did they'll also include over a billion dollars to the Indian Health Service and provision for. Bi Police departments tribal colleges in federal Indian housing programs. Those housing dollars will be especially crucial for communities dealing with housing shortages. You'd also living in an overcrowded home is especially dangerous during this pandemic and the money could be used for emergency housing big infusion into housing and so one of the things. I think that's going to allow to happen. Is Communities to be able to rally around new out the the. Us House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill on Friday for National Native News. I'm Savannah Mar. Health officials are urging people to wash hands to prevent the spread of cove nineteen but many households on Navajo land. Lack Indoor plumbing from the Frontier Desk Laurel Morales reports. Shanna Yazdi who lives in Cameron drives fifty miles for her drinking water groceries and other necessities my mother was asking like. When are we taking the trash out? We have four bags of trash and we have to drive into the city to do that doing laundry. I'm scared to go through laundry right now. We have a small laundry. Met here at a community kind of risky for us right now. So our laundry. It's just kind of getting piled up with each one. N One in two thousand nine American Indians and Alaskan natives had mortality rates that were four times the rates of all other racial and ethnic groups combined. That's according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. Their couvert nineteen may have a significant impact for national needed news and Lorrimore. Ellis inflect staff. Assembly of first nations national chief. Perry Bell Guard is urging first nations people across Canada to stay home in response to covert nineteen an address Thursday. He urged people to self isolate. Avoid large gatherings and asks for everyone's help to protect elders. He says Af en is also pressing Canada to ensure first nations are included in Cova nineteen planning first nations leaders have raised concerns about remoteness overcrowded housing and lack of access to clean drinking water. Government has pledged more than three hundred million dollars for indigenous communities but some first nations leaders have expressed that funding will not do enough to help their communities respond to Cova nineteen. I'm Antonio Gonzalez.

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