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Washington John decker fox news he didn't coronavirus task force briefing the president announced aerospace company Boeing is donating face shields and offering the use of its Dreamliner plane to distribute supplies earlier this afternoon the president used the defense production act to order at General Motors to produce ventilators for patients we confirm number of cases in the U. S. has topped one hundred thousand with the number of deaths over fifteen hundred new York remains the epicenter of the outbreak with nearly forty five thousand cases statewide over twenty five thousand in New York City five hundred nineteen people have died in the state we've been testing we test more in this state than any state in the United States we test the more per capita than China or South Korea so we ramped up very quickly on the testing Randall Cuomo the head of the International Monetary Fund saying it's clear that the global economy is now entered a recession that could be as bad or worse than two thousand nine America is listening to fox news may I please have a double shot of almond milk latte with two a light dusting as

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