Feds to quarantine all new inmates for 14 days to try to guard against COVID-19 in prisons


The federal bureau of prisons is implementing a fourteen day quarantine for new inmates entering a federal correctional facility as NPR's Ryan Lucas explains the move comes as the agency tries to prevent covert nineteen from spreading the federal prison system the bureau of prisons says the two week quarantine is mandatory for all new inmates arriving at any of the agencies one hundred and twenty two facilities it also says it is working with the U. S. Marshall service federal courts and state and local authorities to mitigate the risk of exposure to the virus in pre trial detention the beer has taken other steps such as suspending social visits and staggering meal times to try to limit the spread of cove in nineteen still three inmates in three bureau employees have tested positive for the corona virus so far there are growing calls from advocacy groups and lawmakers the trump administration to release federal inmates most vulnerable to

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