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Carrie Meets Kimberly Meredith: Single-Blind Edition


Welcome to own a rousing. Carry the show where we don't just report on fringe science spirituality and claims of the paranormal but take part ourselves when they make the claims. We show up. So you don't have to. I'm Ross Blocher. I'm just getting. This is Keri. Poppy Ross has not with me today. So we are both practicing social distancing as responsible members of society this episodes just to be me and our guest aunts. Ross's off rush editing. The episode you got last week the the huge corona virus massive episode. That we hope you all enjoyed while he was off making that I was off making this because we need. This was a really important time to talk about Cures real cures fake cures real treatments fo- treatments and there's a lot of treatments out there. Even for Corona virus. There are people who say that they can treat run a virus in ways that buck against our understanding of the science so wanted to better understand. those perspectives and that led me to a medical intuitive. Name's Kimberly Meredith now. Kimberly was at the conscious life. Expo when Ross and I were there We didn't get to talk to her then but I did stop her booth and ended up on her mailing list which is how I found out that she had written an e book about Corona Virus. I thought that yearbook and sort of went on a little adventure finding out a little more about Kimberly About her claims and invited her on the show to chat. So that's what you're going to hear here before you do. I just want to Kind of give you a little peek into my head space as I was doing this interview and preparing for this interview. Something that I've been thinking about a lot Especially during this outbreak but also just in the last couple years is a storytelling and how it works. It's easiest to tell a story when there is a clear villain and a clear victim. Those our favorite kinds of stories. They are the easiest sink. Our teeth into all you have to get rid of the bad guy. I think. An outbreak especially a viral outbreak. We realized how oversimplified that kind of story is there. Are people behaving badly when there's viral outbreak but there isn't one bad guy unless you believe it was created in elapsed where which it wasn't The virus of course has no intention of hurting. You just evolved like you did and yet it can do this tremendous harm and I think that there are impulses in the human mind. That are the same way that evolved For neutral ends but ended up being super super harmful I think that's what we're dealing with a bit in bad treatments for Corona virus bad treatments for anything it also is the case that sometimes we have good motives but bad information and good motives and bad information can still be a deadly combination. And I think that's what's happening here. I think Kimberly is sincere. Thinks she's Dudley wrong. You'll see why Dan Arieli. Who is a psychological expert in lying and deception? He wrote a great book called the Honest Truth. About dishonesty and one of the big things I learned from it was that dishonesty increases the most when we think we are being altruistic. Yes people live our personal gain. That's absolutely true. People live for monetary gain. Also true people lie to in arguments also true the biggest most powerful factor to make some lie is that they believe they're doing it for a greater purpose. I just wanted to put that bug in your ear before you hear this conversation I also apologize for the audio in this. We were talking via skype. Because that's the safest way to talk right now here. She is Kimberly Meredith. I'm happy to have on the show with me Kimberly Meredith. She describes herself as a medical intuitive. A healer psychic surgeon radio host former registered nurse and author of the new e Book Corona Virus. Twenty-one TIPS FOR PROTECTION. Kimberly is a trance chandler. She's a spiritual teacher and she says she's the most scientifically validated medical intuitive. And this interview is especially timely and important because right now as we're recording this the world is looking for a solution to this deadly cove in nineteen corona virus outbreak. And because Kimberly offers diagnosis and healing of the viral infection. And any other illness via her one. Our skype sessions. So please welcome. Kimberly Meredith Hugh Carey eggs for having me. My pleasure Did I get all of that right? I'm pretty match and think so I have been tested in a lot of different institutions with my medical medium ship. And it's been interesting doing all that. Yeah that's really really rare right but Then a medical intuitive gets that sort of a backing from the scientific establishment. Yeah I guess so I mean you you say you're the most scientifically validated so It's my perception that it's pretty rare. Is that not yours. Well I can only go with what has happened to me because I wasn't doing this for very long. I started doing my medical finding out that I was in medical medium. Just only since two thousand fourteen okay medical medium before Serta Now medical media and happened because I had a near death. Experience and after the end ee I became a Trans Channel. And after I started becoming trans-channel I found out that I was having the gifts of medical medium ship. Which is I have an unusual ability of scanning people with my hands and my ice rink in different codes. In the code linking Gives me information of where things are people's bodies that have cancer different illnesses and when that started to happen the word got out to many people including scientists in different doctors which led me to two different institutions? That wanted to test my abilities and not let you double blind studies and then began gap that I had these unique abilities. Finding things were correcting accurate in people's bodies. So tell us then about before the accident before the near Death Experience. What was your then a lot different than it is. Now I had a unique live. You know I work in dimensions now. Three D. Two fifty so I would say back then it was more of a third dimensional world which is what we're seeing right now. Which is very three D. I worked in a hospital and I worked on television shows worked on Grey's anatomy at work to General Hospital. I worked on brothers and sisters. I was called Medical Technical Advisor. Man I would set up shows. It looked like actual medical scenes were happening. Were people are having cardiac arrest that would work for directors real as possible and I also worked in a hospital side. Would you double double life like that? Oh interesting yes so you have this nursing backgrounds and then you moved from that more Gosh I don't even know what's called that more clinical field to this more spiritual angle before that transition you were working as an r. n. A registered nurse. Working Working Hospital and working in very sings came from you know got all kinds of medical things. I did was the CNA. Albion in various types of nursing all General floors and all over the place and then I went into doing medical technical advising until June shows and then I got hit by a car on foot in two thousand thirteen an academy an experience and then in the near death experience led me into having these multiple healing abilities. Now that I have a full blown craft California ed you Conventions and expos than and healing on people now and helping them find out what's going on with them so what happens. During that. Near death experience I went to the other. Siding came back and it was quite amazing. What soup like well I saw visions of Jesus and the Holy Spirit comes through my body. Awhile I left my body and I was envisioned envisioned Emceeing GOD Christ a Come through me and telling me that I was okay. I was going to stay here. And it was very frightening with seeing myself outside of my body and seeing them working on at the same time. I wasn't quite sure what's happening. Since like outside your body looking inside the same time I was experiencing a lot of light going through my eyes it was very traumatic experience.

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Carrie Meets Kimberly Meredith: Single-Blind Edition

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