Apple and Google's coronavirus contract tracing APIs, explained

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Apple and Google have created a they call it an API An interface to their the Bluetooth Ellie in their most recent phones android and Ios doesn't work in all phones but it works on you know enough funds. They've created a What they believe is a privacy forward way of contact tracing. This is an issue as we start to emerge from our quarantine. We're GONNA WANNA know. Somebody's sick who they ran into. And this system is quite clever. Quite a clever system. And you'd expect that some of the most clever engineers in technology working on it from apple and Google they They came up with something that Will ship out to most phones. Maybe we already have. I think we might already have it. They said the middle of the month and then in some few months down the road. They're going to do applications but what they what. They were hoping that health officials in various countries would take advantage of this. Germany wanted to I ap France wants to France said but but But you are. You are getting away because you don't let us Takes the information of Fun Apple? Said you can use the Bluetooth. Eli's kind of cool because you know how you says pair it. Here's a six digit number. All that security stuff which by the way is not very secure but that's a conversation for another show Bluetooth L. E. Didn't even do that. It just says hi. I'm here where are you? Oh Hi nice to meet you. And the original use of it was something called beginning was for advertising. It walk into a gap and the Levi's table was over here over here. Hi Leo. I've got some Levi's on sale in your size which would be disconcerting. All with that pop up right on your phone would know you would know your size. All that they. Nobody took this up by the way museums. A few museums because you get next to the Mona. Lisa says you are standing in front of the Mona Lisa. Yes it is rather small. Isn't it and so that was you know museums use it but it didn't really take off. They announced this years ago. Well now Now it does take off. It makes sense because as you walk through your life out of quarantine out in the world every time you get within somebody reaches somebody else's phone it sends you a little token not associate with their personality. Not who they are not their name address phone number just a little token the changes every ten minutes and you'll collect those throughout the day and if at any time you test positive. The healthcare worker gives you a little. Qr Code scanning to the phone. The phone then notifies everybody. We're in contact with over the last whatever number of days so very clever system without giving up privacy right doesn't say who you are doesn't say who they are. It just knows

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