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From Quarantine and Stewart and this is the CO host feels rage beautiful rage Jacob. Yes folks I am in Quarantine. I've actually broken quarantine. I have not left my bedroom in eight days. I have broken quarantine to come to the recording studio so we could record about plague and I'm glad to hear that you're up. You sound pretty good. It sounds like things are going. Well Yeah this is not a joke or a bit people. Yeah Yeah you're awfully chipper about it but just to put it in perspective. You seem to be dealing with it well and we're glad about that. We usually record on Wednesdays. I came down with it on the Thursday after recording. I had like six days of hell and I'm back for this feeling my best. I haven't gotten the results of the coverted test back. I did get one of the coveted Cova tests. They did take a cotton swab and stick and so for up my nose. I think they swabbed my frontal lobe. I don't think I have cove it. I got a flu or something. I don't think I'm sick enough for coveted. But in an abundance of caution yes our local respiratory clinic has ordered me into isolation for two weeks but yes. I felt like if there's a movie that I should break quarantine to discuss. Its warning sign in our viral outbreak series. Yeah because they break a whole lot of rules in this film Yes. The nineteen eighties is a huge decade. For pandemic you know the AIDS crisis explodes. I wanted to cover one of those films. But they weren't made in the one thousand nine hundred. Eighty s yeah. They all came out in the nineties. Right they did. I mean let's just call it. What it is. You couldn't be gay on screen in the nineteen eighties. It was this big taboo and if they dealt with AIDS. It was usually like an very sensitive. Tv movie like an Early Frost or like an indie film. Like one of Steve buscemi's early parting glances and none of them talked about it as an epidemic. They were just stories about gay life and one of the characters would be infected with HIV can see. I remember the one aides. Tv movie. I think from the eighties that I remember. It wasn't even about gay life. It was about a got it from a blood transfusion. Oh yeah they didn't even want to address that Ryan White. He was a hemophiliac definitely. Did try to push that narrative and that story and one of the lessons we can learn about pandemic is until it touches everybody. It's very easy to marginalize or at least a celebrity. That's when Reagan notice when his buddy rock Hudson died of HIV. That's when he's like. Oh maybe we should use some government money to research this. Yes it took. I think seven years from becoming does outbreak in San Francisco. Bath houses to being something that the president would talk about. But my dad was there. Here's the weird thing about my life I knew about. Std's before I knew about sex. My Dad led the Public Health Department on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. One of my earliest memories was that he had this shirt that said stamp out sex in really big letters and then in tiny letters at ped- dash usually transmitted diseases and he walked around the mall and people would point. I wanted to just crawl under awry. They just think it was like he's anti-sex because that's what it sounds like. He was so funny to get those reactions but he was there and he'd come home from work and he's looked yes. I'm going to all the gay bars. Were doing all this outreach. Because of this grid this gay cancer as it was described in the early eighties and eventually became known as eights. And if you want to see a movie around this time that was about it. I think you'd have to look at like fatal attraction. I actually think the whole erotic thriller genre is really a Metaphor about AIDS. Like the idea that if you step out on your wife or you do anything. Outside of your monogamous relationship is going to kill you like many cases. It's just a bitch with a knife but she's eight that's what it is. I never thought about it that but I do like those movies and I did think those movies more than AIDS kept men celebrate. Yeah and if you want to see a movie about the AIDS pandemic one of the earliest made. It was an. Hbo Movie in the Early Nineties was based on a book by randy shells and the band played on the movies kind of me but he's got a lot of celebrities in a lot of recognizable faces and it does a good job of at least telling you the history about how it all unfolded and what it was like. During that time when AIDS equal death there were no drugs. There was no hope and many people felt like it was in times. I really liked that movie. When we get to the review of contagion what contagion reminded me. Most of is in the band played on down. But let's talk about a different kind of outbreak. Yeah I'm surprised out of all the eighties. This is the outbreak movie that you picked Zombie Movie. Yeah I mean what? What else is there? I was looking at least this is a movie about does deal with an actual virus was being discussed. Here is real. I don't know if it's accurate to all the symptoms that you can acquire from it but Borna is an infectious disease that did break out in a little German town and we can discuss it so it had some validity that was the criteria. Oh so that part's real. Yes I had no idea that people ever died and came back. That's really happening. I'm not seeing. The screen is an accurate representation. What I'm saying is I looked for an outbreak movie that had some scientific backing and this writer director was very proud to say he did his research and he wanted this to be as real as possible. Who's even behind that like? Did this come out in theaters. I've never heard of warning sign and I saw it a lot. It was always on cable. I think what happened was this is a first time director. It was someone that had worked a lot with Lucas and Spielberg. He was a ghost rider on close encounters and script doctor and work on return of the Jedi behind the scenes. And what have you? And he was finally getting. His first and his last movie Bar would would never direct again but he wrote the script for Sugarland Express and he just knew the right people. I look this guy up. I've seen a ton of his work. Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures Indiana Jones in his infernal machine. I played all of those. Yeah on the commentary of this Blu Ray that I had. He basically said that he knew even while he was finishing. This movie. Directing wasn't for him he was getting into this whole video game craze. That was happening and that is where he put all of his energy but at the time he thought he would want to try his hand behind the camera after writing so many scripts his thought was. I've written scripts on the cheap. So much can it be that hard to write movies on the cheap so much. The answer is yes. This movie struggled for budget. Fox was very frugal about wanting to give this movie. Anything at the end. I guess it was a big battle with the producers and the studio to studio punishment was. We're going to put you out at the end of summer. August released not good the week after return of the living dead. So you know like if people even wanted to see Zombie movie the much better Zombie Film. They're not going to go to warning sign. This didn't even crack the top twenty disappeared. A blip you wouldn't have known it happened but it was always on cable and I just always saw pieces of it and I wanted to connect to again. I can't say I was excited but I wanted to connect the images in my mind and what they were talking about. It reminded me a lot of andromeda strain that pace the tone the kind of characters that were in it. It felt much more SCIENC- than your average Zombie movie. I've never heard of this film until it was put on the list. I just went along with it and I was able to find a copy. Oh Yeah Richard Dice Art and I have to tell this brief story of my Italian cousin. Fed Koto Yeah. I didn't get that joke since we've covered him. Last I've met fat Koto. He was at a convention. Marvel movie was he in. I go see all those marvel people I do but I also have almost every living nightmare on ELM street actors autograph. Which one was he in? Freddie's dead the final nightmare. He was the therapist. That's right. Yeah so he was at a horror convention and he had no line and he was bored and I was in a hurry. I come up and I asked him to sign my thing and he's like okay. What's the name and I go Arnie? He Goes Oh is that short for some arnold will actually earn Aldo. Because Arnaldo. You're Italian cousin okay. I feel that because when I first met you. Arnie I did think you were Italian from your name. So I get it a lot of Italians think of Italian Sicilians and they're very good about sniffing out Sicilians I've been mistaken for Sicilian but no I'm Brazilian. But I didn't feel like getting into that with your code so I'm like yeah I'm Italian. Can you sign my thing? And he's like well you don't give me enough space decide because everybody's signature on it. So finally after he hems and Hawes about it I put a lot of brand new one. Because I'm on my fourth cover and give he's like see you were holding out on me? A he signs the entire inside of DVD cover to my Italian cousin are fed. Koto is he. He's not Italian he is he is. Yeah and to be clear. You had him. Freddie's dead and not alien. Yeah that seems like the wrong choice but yeah I know I know Stewart come on. This is Arnie though Reno had Henriksen sign the mango or not. Yeah I get it now. I don't get it but when he was in this movie I was shocked. Who was in this movie? I mean Sam Waterson all police academy I own my God. Gw Bailey from Mannequin and Police Academy Richard Dyson from La Launcher thing but la law and Sam Waterston. There was a time in his life that he didn't have gray hair. It was like looking at him in a funhouse mirror those whole movie. I couldn't believe the cast of this film. I'd never heard of well. You just come off of killing fields. It was an Oscar nominated big deal. He was a big get for this movie. But he wasn't necessarily what the producers wanted they were hoping for a Kris Kristofferson. Someone that would be a little bit more country if you were. This is definitely Sam. Waterston stretching I think by playing the local sheriff. Yeah understand my GO-TO FOR SAM waterson. Yeah I I know. Crimes and misdemeanors but it's law and order. I mean he is law and order the face of law and order. Yeah he did a lot of woody Allen Woody Allen wanted to cast himself as a man he cast him against Sam Waterston with the does the milk does. That's how milk toast is. But yes I do feel like most people do know him from that show but they don't know this movie we should they? Let's find out Arne. Why don't you give them the plot of warning sign and we can find out what it's warning us up in Midwest. America IS A lab. That's making bigger better crops through genetic engineering or so. They say in truth the labs of cover were there working for the government on illegal bioweapons when test tube is accidentally crushed. The entire building goes on lockdown. The building security officer is Joni Morris played by Kathleen Quinlan and in the building scientists. Tom Schmidt played by police academies GW. Bailey says it's a false alarm. Joni should open the building up but the labs chief scientist. Dr Nielson played by Richard Dice. Art says it is an actual disaster sir. Joni calls in the government's accident. Control team led by major connelly played by my Italian cousin. Koto Connolly is working with joanie husband town sheriff. Calamar played by waterson callous torn between his duty keeping the base lockdown for public safety and worry for his wife Major Connolly's men get control of the security cameras and we see Dr Nielson and his men are all dead. The infection is spreading and has also hit Dr Smith's group but worse these men don't stay dead..

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