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I'm your host Alex Karras and today we welcome Anthony Peak back to skeptical to talk about his new and quite amazing book the Hidden Universe in investigation into non human intelligences a book. That is very much about these extended consciousness realms that we talk so much about on this show Anthony as many of you know is not just a very accomplished author and speaker but as someone who truly in every way that I can tell seems to be a researcher. Seeker that is someone who you get the feeling that is really trying to get somewhere with this stuff. And isn't just writing books which are very entertaining and bring us all along on his journey but that this is really a path of discovery for. Anthony and I really appreciate that his latest. The Hidden Universe is no exception. It's packed not just with amazing accounts and stories that you're going to be quite surprised that you've never heard about before but it's also packed with a lot of cutting edge science. That Anthony believes backs up his theories. Now one of the thing I should mention and that is that Tony peak is not someone who's afraid to stick his neck out there regarding his theories and I kinda liked that really because if you really listen to what he's saying I think what he's saying is not that he has all the answers but more that it must somebody sticks a stake into the ground and says hey it's not just about stories. Here's what I think this stuff leads to unless somebody does that. We can't really pull it apart so we all realize that we're probably wrong about all this stuff that the greatest minds of thought about since as long as there's been a human being on this planet but I do appreciate that. He's willing to stick his neck out there and say. Hey here's how I think it all fits together so anthony. It's great to have you back. Thanks so much for joining me. Great to be chatting Te- again Alex. I've been looking forward to this. Pretty good. And thanks for a wonderful introduction. The that's a really hard act to follow. I have to say that. Thank you for it but you totally deserve it. I mean so I tell you what. Let's dive into the book. I love this quote that really Kinda resonates with something. We all know to be true but we can forget until a book like this comes along and reminds us and that is throughout recorded history the belief that humanity shares this planet with a variety of other sentient beings has been persistent. I mean if you want to start from there if you want to start anywhere you like tell us about the book the Hidden Universe. Yeah no that that is. That's quite correct. And that's being my my overall reasons writing this book. Book I think has been inside me since the mid nineteen sixties. It's it's the book I've probably always wanted to write. Because in mid nineteen sixty S I came down with a double pneumonia during that period. I had a series of very profound to loose nations going through the crisis. Pneumonia and at that time even my twelve year old mind. I was fascinated by the nature of the hallucinations received. That were these things. nations internal generated or whether mixture. Both and it's very much as being something. That is intrigued me all through my Brighton career. Because time and time again I come across people who encounter ends in differing circumstances in OB estate in Dreaming States people who encounter entities during closing campuses of the third kind ending. Play developing close encounters of the Moments I the seems to be an awful lot of information out there but what? Nobody's I think is trying to do. Well it's not true. I mean I'm not originally Jackley trying to do it. Many years ago and various other writers over the years tried struggling through history as to what events debate on. This is what I try to do now. I very much. I mean you Coul- my ideas a theory also or high policies. I'd probably sites educated speculation because these things we can never actually know and we can never really asked them working with people trying to test these things but the basic base to the book is just if people have extraordinary experiences encounter entities that seemed to having been existing so then can we build up a neurological model. Can WE BUILD UP A PSYCHOLOGICAL MOBILE? And can we build knowledge comodal to actually explain things all? And that's what I intend to do in the book. Tell us more though. Because that's that's a good starting point but the book really jumps in with both feet about the entirety of this extended realm. That does seem to crop up all over the place. So whether it's magic and spirits and Shamans like you said or whether it's after after life experiences in near death experiences or whether it's the experiences I mean you do kind of take us through this history in order to get us to the point of some of the breakthrough science that you think is influencing you the most right now. So where do you WanNa start with that? I I think the magic and spirits and Shamans thing is something that's really interesting because it grabs a lot of people's attention right now. There's a lot of people really interested in magic right now. A lot of people. Really Interested in the occult right now and I gotta say. I think that we haven't quite thought that through all the way particularly if we mashed into simulation theory and afterlife near death stuff. I mean there's just so many things to pull apart here. Tony hardly know where to begin. So I'm kind of looking. I'm happy to do that. The the first thing I'd like to make a point is the kind of the starting point. The starting price of the book involves inexperienced. Mother had when she was starting to develop out signs and one day. She phones me can. She said she experienced a very strange incident on her way. Onto the local village that we used to live in name livable and she said that she walking with my aunt. My aunt sold tie shoelace. When my aunt Stein tying issue my mother looked up and said what she described to saying a smoke ring. Hong Hovering over local local factory. She then said the smoke ring salty to revolve then shut off towards North Wales unjustly. Won't she scene and I said well you know I don't really know him you know she's not into. Ufo should never have these not the kind of thing she's ever been interested in James Lady and then unless we'll worry about it and she didn't have two or three days in the morning feed as she phones. We opening statements of absolute terror. Now she's woken up in the middle died This you know she. She said she couldn't. She moved properly but she was looking towards the door of bedroom. Now she lives alone. She's away now. What is important here? The important caveat is that she'd lost heroin with malignant melanoma many is before and Harare. She was developing various problems so she was partially science which is important. As as I'm involved with this. She said she looked towards the bedroom. Two bedroom door was an end she. She's fingers around the edge of the veteran Dole and this creature pods head round the door. She described it on. The description is uncanny. She said large black is like insect. She had two holes for nose and a slit from mouth and looked at her and dodge FAC. As if you know seen her she wakes up and she said Tony what did I say and I say well. It's intriguing I. I really don't know them because I didn't want to worry her clearly. In a state of hip Negi ornamental. Punks anesthetic sleep paralysis. Her Dole's perception and broken down to such an extent that she was a seeming. Something that ordinarily alternate Circumstance experienced of it and of course of the book cover of the way straight communion. Because it was it was a classic right it was an all CGI type will gray now. I started to research into this world were when I started to really quite interesting. Facts like for example in twenty seventeen in northern India Louis caved in India Tango. Being ten thousand years they call been dated various things to note. This was the case and the creatures that are depicted in this cave creature my mother. So then he'd go. On Your Graham Hancock congratulating books events natural and then they see describes his own experiences in the shelter in the Here again. We have very similar creatures. That are actually drooled on the cave wall now. What intrigues me? Here is that there's an elderly lady in in the UK. There are people in India under people in Southern Africa. And then again Graham. Hancock says itself. You know you look at a last caves and you look at Pash Mel everywhere else. These these entities seems to be everywhere of the counterargument today sees a well. You know they. They were more expensive than we were these people. They didn't know how to drool pro bowl. They would doing idealization xlt now. The argument doesn't stand up for me because these these ancest- these ancestors of the brain's rejected the same sizes. Clearly that you had to be Faisal and and other animals soclean whatever they were doing. It was not just an abstract. It was something more.

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