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From Chicago. This is film spotting. I'm Adam Kanner and I'm Josh. Larsen can't be easy to keep working after three days. No sleep to keep focus. You're seeing things yet. Cause little flashes tricks alight that's Robin Williams with Al Pacino in Christopher Nolan's insomnia from two thousand and two as the follow up to his mind. Bending breakout hit. Memento insomnia struck some at the time as a frustratingly straightforward thriller. This week we continue our Nolan who've review with a fresh look plus we'll have thoughts on three new releases all available online more. Can I get up Pacino ahead? Unfilled SPOTTING Welcome to film spotting Josh. The theaters are closed. But the movies keep coming at least if you know where to look this week. We've got reviews of three new releases. Include ONE. That's definitely a golden brick. Were the debut. That's the cozy noir thriller. Blow the man down a feature debut set in Downey's main and the down under set the true history of the Kelly gang from director. Justin Kurt Sel and the high school set Sela and the spades one. You caught up with Josh Ross. Going to continue our Christopher Nolan who've review with two thousand? Two's insomnia the black sheep. Maybe of the Nolan filmography. We'll see if it does deserve that reputation later in the show first though let's talk some new movies for a change including that Australian import true history of the Kelly gang mother soldier pan. You cost me you. Can that back a child? It is already traveling. Full tilt toward the men are would become. That's from the trailer for True History of the Kelly gang which is available to rent ondemand this weekend. The director is Justin Kerr. Zal who previously made twenty eleven the snow town murders than in two thousand fifteen. He did Macbeth. Which starred Michael Faster and Marion Cotillard? All three of them re teamed for two thousand sixteen assassin's creed now. Kelly gang is set in colonial Australia. Where Kelly and his group of anarchists violently rebel against their British rulers nineteen. Seventeen George MCI plays Ned Kelly. The film also stars Russell. Crowe Nicholas Holt Thomasson. Mackenzie and Charlie Hunnam so strong. Cast their Adam. You're able to get an early look at this one before. It's on demand release. Did the cast live up to. Its Promise House the film in general some of it definitely did in terms of the cast. This is actually my first. Kerr Zal film. Haven't seen any of the other three that you mentioned despite the fact that Michael Fast Bender has been in those two that you mentioned and I'm always down for Good Shakespeare Adaptation. I can't compare obviously this film the Kelly Gang to his adaptation of Macbeth specifically but there is a lot of the Scottish play in his telling of Ned Kelly. Se Davis from our beloved. The Baba Duke plays his mother in this film and she is not someone to cross. She's domineering she's vengeful. It's born from years of oppression as a woman and as an Irish woman living under English rule in Australia. You hear her in the trailer. Seda a young Ned. You're a man. Now you go out and show the world. This isn't a gentle mother's encouragement. It's an order and like Macbeth himself. As ned gets closer to his fate the matter he gets and that unhinged hallucinatory spirit is. What colonel taps into visually think about the late nineteenth century? We get in. John Hill coats the proposition as a counterpoint. This is not that at all. This is realism clashing with fantasy to the point where there are times in certain sequences and shots. Josh especially a recurring motif of a man riding a horse. That feels more like more door than the Bush way outside Melbourne. And so I've dropped Macbeth. I've dropped Lord of the rings throw in the assassination of Jesse James by the Coward. Robert Ford and the pop aesthetic of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Except with punk instead and you get some sense of what watching the true history of the Kelly. Gang is really like which may sound really amazing to you and other people. Yeah I'm I'm hooked so far. Yeah it's definitely a lot and honestly it was a little bit too much for me. Wants so much to be this fiery sneer. That doesn't conform do conventional biography and it's full of these big ideas about colonialism and storytelling and masculinity and challenging gender and sexual norms. The gang the Kelly gang actually wears dresses for me. It's just all too much of a performance of assault to really embrace and actually MCI is part of it. He's a really intriguing presence and has an unsettling physicality that he definitely brings to this role. A presence was kind of all he was in nineteen seventeen. That's kind of by the design of that film and I haven't read anything about his performance but I wouldn't be shocked to learn that he went really method here that he he went so deep. And as I said there's there's an intensity to it there's a real physicality to it but he's burrowed so deep into it. So deep into Ned Kelly psyche that he never emerges for me and I can appreciate the audacity of what Kerr's doing here and his. I our first shot of young. Ned actually is him peering through a slit in his makeshift home while his mother is engaged in a sex act with a paying customer. That's a British officer played by Hunnam and then later at the end it is big showdown with authorities. He's wearing iron over his head for protection. With the sliver is is that matches that exact same point of view so crucial knows what he's doing absolutely and he does have a really game cast Russell. Crowe shows up for a little bit in this movie. And there's a lot of fun as outlaw. Who Basically pays for? He buys a young Ned as an indentured servant to teach him the trade. And I really like Nicholas Holt. In this movie. He shows up maybe about midway through as a really charming despicable and entitled English constable. Who BEFRIENDS NED in the family? Until the family decides that they're not going to subjugate themselves to him like he expects everyone to do so some juicy fund performances here and crystals definitely doing allot as I said in terms of the filmmaking sounds like there might even be a little bit of animal kingdom in there too with the mother son Dynamic and of course the Australians setting so I. I'm intrigued by those comparisons. We'll we'll have to see if the catch up with if it works a little bit better for me. The True History of the Kelly gang is available to rent on demand right. Now the new one you caught up with Josh is called Sela and the spades the directing debut of Theresa Poh. It had its debut back in January at Sundance and it came to Amazon prime. This past weekend in your letterbox review you wrote any movie that mixes the DNA of mean girls. Brick and schooldays has my attention. We're all over the place with our references in this show so far. Tell me more. Yeah this this could be a lazy short and in some ways doing this exercise. But I think it's it is really helpful in this case because those are great films with distinct styles each trying to do something that maybe you hadn't quite seen before done in that way and mixing it all together is really exciting. That also puts a ton of pressure on a relatively small film like Sela and the spades and so I don't know if it's the sort of pressure this movie can entirely bare but I like that. All of these elements are in here that the basic scenario is selling. The speights takes place at an elite boarding school and we follow the illicit dealings and also the the relationships among various student factions there called and each of these factions. They're essentially like criminal gangs. So Sela played by Lovey Simone. She runs the drug-dealing spades. And you know there are maybe some Macbeth Lady Macbeth specifically comparisons to make here in her ambition and the way she holds grip on power. She does take an underclassmen under her wing. But as we come to learn you know it may not be the most altruistic reasons that underclassmen played by Celeste O'Connor now both of those performances are really strong by Simone and O'Connor There are some good supporting turns to. I could see this being one of those smaller. First films where two or three of the actors in them and this happened with mean girls as well right pop up in later films and you really see what what great talents. They have their There's also the whole criminal element calls on brick of course that this is going on among high schoolers beneath the adults is. It's kind of amazing. How little the adults have to play in in this world And then there are some really striking flourishes by PLO as director. And here's where some of the the school days Spike Lee school days comparisons come in because Sela is also the head of the spirit squad for the school and they have a direct address to the camera routine just about what. It's like to be a seventeen year old

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