Concepts of a Psychedelic Trip P. 2


All right. Welcome to the dirt show. I'm higher peaks Innocent Lady Sativa and welcome to part two of components of a psychedelic trip. I hope you enjoyed the first part. Like I said before. We're GONNA go into some really crazy stuff now. Last time we finished off with geometry Which is my favorite and I think that the eight levels kind of explains in eight B. I guess nine levels nine said nine eight plus but yeah I? I think that explains kind of the profound part of the trip. Which is I feel like the most important. But this time we're going to start off with actually fractionals. That's another common component in this visual geometry. These are a concept that exists within mathematics and can be described as complex patterns that repeat infinitely into themselves allowing for the same self similar image to be found no matter how far you zoom into any of the image. I think most commonly. That's what I see the geometry that I see as fractionals if you look that up online Google images. Those are pretty similar. Now good but really creepy is about an hour ago. I opened my phone and I was on a Frac Dole geometry page and I don't know how it got there. Is that not creepy? Yeah see there watching and listening always you know but hopefully maybe they'll raise our our stats right all right. All right specialties in law enforcement out there you know we hope you're inflating our stats for us. We appreciate it. Good looking out to your friends but fractionals. Yaffe look those up and actually I just want to make a point here. I hope I do. Not messes word up. But I believe it's ship bows ship. He Bows Arch Abell Shiva. Bows that the first one if you look that up that is there's I bleeding. It's an Amazon try or it's a tribal group that has been known to use. Iowa for a long time not like Amazon. Like you go online and buy something like actual Amazon guys. Maybe I don't quote me on that. I know you've been stuck inside for a long time but there's other things called like the Amazon. This is this is not mail order. I O Oscar right but if you look that up on Google that art diffraction images that kind of artwork is almost dead on so if you looked at At sperling cool too yeah and those tribes. They are Like I said well known for a long long long time of doing Iowa and they have. That's their artwork. And so it but if you look at it they've really kind of nailed it how it looks. Yeah good examples there. They had good notebooks in their head in their head. And I guess the stick in a piece of wood. I don't know I don't know. Yeah all right. A hallucinatory state. The fourth century effect is perhaps the most profound subjective sensory effect that the psychedelic experience has to offer there manifested as two distinct affects which come in a variety of different intensities external hallucinations. Right which we know. That self explanatory internal hallucinations. Which again is a self explanatory? Well it's closed. I think it's open Iverson's closed is where we're getting at here Maybe why I didn't put the definitions in. But maybe internal like I could see like I was building an insane asylum with my eyes open staring at something. Yeah so I still building stuff but my eyes were opened. I will see it. That's why I said it was at the ocean. Because the glow stick I was going back and forth and staring at anyways Enron experience. Yep exactly transforming hallucinations internal external the and the transforming hallucinations. Remember are things changing shape from one thing to another so it could be from a solid object to geometry or could be you know from solid object to another solid object But that could be both internal and external and I don't know but a lot of times they separate the transforming part from the other hallucinations right and I don't know why other than the fact that it's maybe it's more of a true hallucination in the sense that you can something can change into something else. That's real like a table. Could turn into a chair. Say Yeah Okay. Go ahead as these states of imagery become increasingly elaborate proportional to dosage of course They eventually become all encompassing full-fledged. Three D. Hallucinations which surround the person in fashion similar to dreams. This creates a feeling that one has broken through quote unquote into another reality. The things which occur within this perceived alternate reality can be anything but generally fall under common archetypes such as contact with Automata not automaton autonomen. I don't know what the fuck I was auto bought. It is not an Autobahn Thomas. Entities imagined landscapes and scenarios. That can seem so. Unlike anything previously experienced that they are in all probability untranslatable into English so in other words we wouldn't understand them. It would only be something. Our Mind could understand yen. Unfortunately I think a good portion of upper doses of psychedelics are like that even I cannot describe the geometry that I see does a really good job. But it doesn't you don't you don't really understand the complexity and just like your whole don't you don't understand imagery just like a book. Anybody who reads the book will get something different out of it. Everybody will picture a person in the book differently. Good analogy I'm sorry but here's a good example twilight to me. I don't think the characters matched up as the movies. So there we go. I me mentally. I thought of somebody completely different for everybody in there. It's just you know the way. The book explains something compared to what somebody else season their minds. I you can't make somebody see what you see. No you can't explain what you see to somebody exactly the way you see it. No imagination is so I mean that's just it. It's imagination. That could be anything. Some people have it. Some people don't And I think like what we're talking about. Here's what you've experienced you'd have to either be high doses of You know acid. Lsd Or say mushrooms. But you know like emt trip this will be common in regular EMT trip and the Thomas entities which we're GonNa get into seems to be really common with DMC and again all. These things are so abstract right but not only is the person who's under the influence comprehending it in their own way. I mean there's got to be so much influence on how they comprehend that vision. Yeah it'd be again like use like looking at a painting. What you see is going to be different than what I see Even though we're looking at the same colors in the same picture yeah. We're going to comprehend in two different ways. It might be pleasing to you and I think it's shit this is. This is so Gordon Ramsay shutout. The content of these experiences are often described to fill transcendental mystical spiritual and religious in nature regardless of the trippers theistic beliefs. And that's important to realize because it's saying that it basically supersedes anything that may have been there before The tripper demis each individual person. There you go. Yeah but also to like I had said in this geometry plus Dosages these are the transcendental so for a lot of people they might take an eighth and not necessarily hit that point epiphany of any sorts. They might not see an insane asylum like yes time. Yeah so that's you. My immunity was apparently a lot lower than because I cannot do that now. I can barely last time last time we did do it like actually solidly tried to do. It was when I was watching Harry Potter. And it took me until you were almost out of your trip in order to get into mine well again. That's the thing it's you can try to time things. It's it pissed me off and the only reason why you continue to trip is because I turned on Harry Potter. And you're like oh I just remember. You were tripping out next to me like the blanket all the way up to your chin staring at the TV. And I was all sitting up with the pillows in my arms crying because it was so cool. Yeah just because you're crying in the corner doesn't mean it's a bad trip.

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