Podcasting With A Mask


It's built a big podcast. I'm David Hooper and I just finished an episode of my other. Podcast read the marketing podcast for experts. It is very similar to this podcast except instead of just podcasting. I'm talking about book publishing. I'm talking about email marketing. I'm talking about the different mediums that you can use to spread your expert message on that episode which by the way is at red like the caller or ED PODCAST DOT COM. I talked about how problems can lead to skill development. The thing that we think is hurting us was going to be an issue is actually what enables us to get done. What needs to be done? We just do it in a different way. We're in the middle of one of those things right now. Some people call it corona virus. And here's something that I've noticed over the last week. That is a huge opportunity for podcasters in the last week outside of taking walks around my neighborhood. I have left my house twice once to get food at the Grocery. Getting a lot of stuff sent me through the mail through ups but about every three weeks right now. I'm making a run to the grocery went. There took my life in my hands to go get some gluten free dairy free cruelty free something or another and earlier today trying to save some lives. I went to donate blood. Both places wore masks. As is the thing right now. Today I'd one made out of a Bandana and a coffee filter. I look like I was about to rob a bank in Dodge city. Something that I noticed in both places this when you are wearing a mask you miss a lot. And they're a couple of ways of this works first of all. You can't hear as well since the sound coming from other people is muffled so you got to work around that you could get closer with. Don't do that now. So the way to get around it talk louder. Also you can't see the subtle cues known as facial expressions that we normally see had a lady today. I thought she was pissed at me. Maybe not I duNNo. I showed up about fifteen minutes early to give blood. She was out there laying down the law about taking appointments and she can only take a few people at a time and I'm just GonNa have to wait their wait outside until she's ready for me. So here's what I said to her. A Ham not mad. I didn't expect to come in. I just got here a little bit early. I know you can't see my expression with the mask on but I'm happy to wait. I was smiling behind that coffee filter in the BANDANNA I was smiling I was glad to be there. Just glad. Get Out of the House and she was really great after that. The point these mask the we're supposed to be wearing and hopefully are wearing are great opportunities for us as podcasters to get clear on the words that we use to get more comfortable about speaking up and sharing our truth right now. These mask giving US permission if you will to over explain things to us more words and maybe as necessary normally you can use different words than you normally would try different things. You can speak louder than you normally would. It's probably less likely to come off his shouting. Because you're not as close to people and also because of that muffled sound in all of these things are going to help your podcasting quick side note about this if you read my book. You've heard me mention this. If you haven't read it big PODCAST DOT com slash book has more information. This is one of the reasons that I recommend that. People with audio only podcast. Podcast like this one that goes in your ears. You don't see me as I'm doing it that when you are recording your audio only podcast. Even if you're doing interviews you do it via audio only. Don't bring in video into something that isn't going to be consumed via video. Because you have these nonverbal cues that you get when you're making that podcast that will not be heard by the people who listened to the audio only version you want to make your podcast as close to the same way as your listeners will consume it so to summarize this. Here's the big opportunity that you as a podcast or can work on right now. You can over explain things you can get more detailed for example you can let people know how you feel rather than just showing them by smiling. They can't see the smile so you can say something like hey no problem. I'm just glad to be out of the house. I'd be happy to sit outside and wait. We call it theater of the mind. They can't see it they can hear it and because of that they're able to visualize it themselves. You can use different words. You can change how you communicate and also you can speak louder.

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