Raising Arizona's Profile in the 2020 Conversation


Hey thank you. So much for getting on Latino rebels radio the day before the Arizona primary. Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm happy to hear all right. So listen obviously. The Global Pandemic Cove in nineteen is played an issue in disrupting just the world and the United States and states. Where you are in Tucson. There's a primary tomorrow the mood out there. What are people saying? What are people going to vote like? What what are people saying about all this? You know I I am almost concern. At how normal everyone is I think a little bit of what other people have experienced with shopping. A little bit too much but in general. I'm I'm kind of amazed at how normal everyone is moving about their days about their routines Which is I? Don't know worrisome. I would say yeah so. Are You thinking well let me ask? You should should people be voting tomorrow. Or what do you think or what I mean. I always tough. I know it's tough because you you you do this you. Your job is to get people to get politically engaged. Yeah and you do a great job and we'll talk about that a little bit but we'd try. Yeah like right now. How are you feeling like seriously people no I? I have to ask myself that question because I have to vote. I have in turn in my balance. But there's a couple of things that are giving me hope in in the or certainty in in the safety of people are going to one as we have a huge number of voters here in our state that vote by what we call there early permanent early violently so you get a balloting your mail and then you just go drop it off so I think that the fact that we have a really. Big percentage of voters and especially voters of color Because of the efforts of grassroots organizations that have put in them on those slaves that they rate of contact or then touching other things in the polling place is much more limited. You just have to go in and drop off your ballot. I am also following very closely. All of the different information that we're getting from Monica and from Pima County so our state in general just have like twelve confirmed cases of the corona virus. And it doesn't seem like there's a certain Epicenter as you might experience. It's not a hot spot right exactly. I'm in I'm in Boston. I'm in the Boston area. You know Doodo media's in New York like we all went home. We're all working from home and like restaurants are shutting down so. I see what you're saying doesn't mean that people shouldn't take precautions rain but it means that they're the mood is different and the level of of high alertness is different Which I think it's also gonNA play on what we're going to see which I'm expecting that we're gonNA see pretty consistent voter turnout to what we signed. Two Thousand Sixteen if not above that so basically if people do go vote out tomorrow. There's going to be social distancing there's GonNa be ways to keep it a safe as possible but it still like. No one knows right you. You're we right now can happen in the next twelve hours in the United States and low so with that said I don't want to. This is the problem as well. Obviously it is. It is a very important story it is a story that is impacting the world But there's a part of me being a human being a journalist to be like the history of Arizona's people have been working hard and I wanted to give you an opportunity to sort of give me an overview of that work that has been put into Arizona for this election cycle. Because I do think. Obviously it's getting. I mean it's going to get a lot of stuff going to get loss right now. At least I want to record a little history so maybe maybe people listen to it tonight or tomorrow. Or when they're working remotely or socially distancing and maybe they'll learn something about Arizona because I do think it's changed a lot so yeah opportunity to sort of like educate people about what they have gotten wrong about Arizona recently. Well there's there's one particular story that I think is getting missed around the story of of young voters and actually the story of young people in this election I think everyone continues tool a measure. The motivation excitement on commitment of young boy in this election Through the voter turnout in. It's one measurement of enthusiasm and motivation. But it is not the only measurement that we should be taking away from the story about young people getting active today. Arizona sexually a pretty. We're stayed that. Is Changing our demographics. It's trending younger because of Latinos in the states and I also think that people are missing the story about how young people who got politicize in Sweden seventy have actually transformed that current

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