South Africa Declares Disaster as Coronavirus Cases Increase


It's also a roundup looking at South Africa this morning as the president has declared a national state of disaster to deal with the corona virus outbreak normal countries on the continent have cases East Africa is now the last region to confirm infections Siddhant says a fifty year old man has died Wells Ethiopia reported a Japanese man who recently traveled to the country has tested positive to covert nineteen we'll get the latest from East Africa shortly but first to South Africa and I'm joined now by letting them to cheat journalist and editor at power ninety eight point seven that says talk radio station in that go tank welcome to Newsday thank you for joining us later bring this up because we've been good to have you here brings up to speed on what what's the latest you have us have figures white how many cases so currently we have sixty one cases have gone from one to sixty one ten days we will also just confirmed our first local transmission case in the president's announcement last night so that's where we are in terms of numbers we haven't had any reported deaths and when we look at this other countries for example when you look at the Far East when you look at Taiwan the students as soon as the outbreak happened they started monitoring they started testing people they would go on forever planes to test people coming into the country from China what is south Africa's been risk a response to that been so far as far as testing goes in terms of travelers especially as our main international airports including our tumble it which is in Johannesburg in not allowing people and especially if you're coming from overseas and online you and until that check your temperature so the only screening testing measures in case at ease I'm also entry and we are trying to sort of mitigate the risk way possible if you call and get off the plane then what happens are you are you taken into isolation what happens to you then I would imagine so I'm you know I would government has sort of stayed up in the working quite closely with the airports to manage this old able to stop I quickly wearing protective gear to also protect them from any sort of risk of the virus and so they they all these measures in place and they are sort of take the next three questions especially about you how hard would it be then to introduce control measures in the country like South Africa where you have townships you have informed informal settlements you have a large number of people traveling on overcrowded trains in minibus taxis that kind of thing I mean it's going to be a challenge isn't it sixteen a difficult I mean they have risen in stage renal carriages people to limit nonessential travel specially domestic travel by air rail and taxi but this is the form of transport that most people use it so it is difficult there's no way of monitoring that is no way of noting it I think what they're going to have to do is just sort of security or brother hygiene control measures these transport interchanges and that's the most we can do at this stage because they haven't announced any sort of bans on the use of commuting by taxi or bus coming and we talk about self isolation which is difficult but possible if you if you live in a house or even a flats with several bedrooms you know it's possible for one member of the family Shotton cells away in South Africa you're talking about shared living spaces shared by many people absolutely when most people live in abject poverty and so full five people living one single room there isn't another soul thing to go into and the government's going to have to look at that in terms of what they do they do to mitigate that they obviously now with it being detained a national disaster they are able to access certain resources which they wouldn't ordinarily have been able to access this includes setting up temporary accommodation for those at risk when necessary emergency rapid sort of emergency systems that they're putting in place and they are trying to identify certain areas in different majors in districts way that can be set up so should the need arise they will be right

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