What Are Today's Wellness Travelers Thinking About?


Today what's really going on in the minds of today's wellness travel. Wellness tourism has become a big deal. It's. It's an industry segment valued at around six hundred fifty billion dollars based on the latest statistics and it's growing at around double the right of regular tourism and the folks over at the Global Wellness Institutes Wellness Tourism Initiative have got a survey. Running at the moment to try and gain some more insight into the thoughts and motivations and behaviors of people travelling when it comes to wellness and I'll put a link to that survey in the comments below in only takes five or ten minutes to complete so really encourage you to go and check it out and help the folks out by filling out that survey it covers business travel and leisure travel and like I said talks about the motivations and what people are looking for when they're traveling. When it comes to wellness now the other thing is they are also giving you the opportunity to win a free ticket to the wellness tourism summit being held in Noosa heads in Queensland in Australia later this sorry no in? In May next year so all of that will be in the link below as we've talked about before wellness. Tourism is a key segment in this wellness industry this wellness sick that we keep talking about. It's something that he's going to touch a lot of other industries and it's something. The thing that he's going to continue to grow as we look for ways to continue our wellness behavior wherever we go whether it's for business or leisure this idea of just going on to wellness retreat for a couple of weeks. A year is not what people looking for for these days. They're looking to continue their wellness as they travel whether it's on a regular basis for leisure or with industry opportunities I think when people travel for business so the folks at the Wellness Tourism Initiative.

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