Coronavirus may be detectable before symptoms start, report suggests


From Axios this morning coronavirus may be quote at the brink of a global pandemic by lane Drago over Riley writes the corona virus outbreak may be quote at the brink of a global pandemic Anthony Fauci director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases tells actually else the major concern is that people without symptoms can affect other people that is why they fear a pandemic the virus has killed more than two thousand infected more than seventy five thousand mostly in mainland China five deaths in more than a hundred factions have been confirmed and eight other nations and territories countries are furiously racing to contain the virus by sharing travel restriction more than eighty percent the other people catch the infection experience mild symptoms fourteen percent of severe disease like pneumonia the shortness of breath five percent come down with a critical disease like sepsis multi organ failure and respiratory failure so five percent below get this one's going to be in the millions have a serious serious problem and as I said yesterday to percent die thus far it's older people but thought she said I would strongly suspect that a symptomatic people are transmitting the infection but I don't think that's a major driver he adds it's too early to determine the death rate is there's not enough data

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